Ostrich Farming Business Plan & Guidelines With Profitability

Ostrich Farming Process, Profit and Guide For Beginners

Hello friends, are you looking for establishing an ostrich farm for earning millions from it, then below is a guideline for you for starting the ostrich farming. In this article, we are going to learn how to raise Ostrich as the business plan, in India or anywhere else. Friend, we are the business of poultry farming, rabbit farming, and dairy farming are usual, & opt by the people to earn money, but the Ostrich farming business plan is also a good business to start.

Basically, Ostrich farming is mainly done to meet the market demand for their amazing eggs, which have an amazing doctoral strength and are able to cure numbers of uncured diseases.

About Ostrich

You had even heard the phrase about the Elephant, “ZINDA LAKH KA, AUR¬†MAR GAYA TO SAVAA LAKH KA” that means keeping Elephant is always beneficial for you, there is no loss in keeping this animal. The same phrase is applied to the Ostrich. Your ears will rise up by listening only that an Ostrich¬†egg can cost minimum, Rs. 2000 and an Ostrich can lay about 30 no’s of eggs in a year. That means, if you are raising ostrich then it can give you more than Rs. 60,000 in a year.

Ostrich Farm

But, by chance, if an Ostrich dies off, then also you can earn much. Since an ostrich can weigh averagely 40 to 50 kg having 5 to 8 ltr of oil in its fat. Friends, this oil is highly demanded by the people but is produce less. You can easily sell this at Rs. 5000 in the market means you are going to earn more than Rs. 30,000. Apart from this, the feet along with leather with 8-feet comes out of its skin and both its wings are very precious. Then there are different prices of its nails, teeth, and hair. Overall it is close to earning around Rs. 1,00,000 from an Ostrich, hundreds of times than your initial input in case of income.

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Like other regions of the world, in India, the business of raising ostrich or Emu is being raised for the commercial purpose to meet the market demand for their amazing eggs and also their meat.

Basically, this tall bird is one of the¬†Australian bird which is 5 feet in height and have a long life, up to 40 yrs. They give around 30 eggs in a year, till 35-year-old age which can be raised in any types of atmosphere all over the world and can afford temp. up to 55 ‘C in summer and also 0 ‘C in winter. If you want to start this business, then you can buy a pair of ostrich in about Rs. 25,000 (approx)

Find Where Do Ostriches Live?

ostrich farming business plan

Ostrich Habitat

Ostrich can be raised in every part of the world, however, they are more found in the northern part of Africa, southern Sahara, Eastern Africa along with some minor part of Asia. Also, they are more habitats to the open grassland of the Africa along with the desert and semi-desert region of Africa.

How to Start a new ostrich farm?

For starting a new ostrich farm, your first step should learn the behavior of the ostrich bird. This will help you in creating a good and happy relationship with them.

Friend, in the cool atmosphere, they can be found singly or in a pair but their breeding season is summer. During this time, they live in a group, around 10 to 50 birds in a group. In each and every group, there is a female ostrich, living as a queen. Friends, as these birds are giant size, usually, they used to roam with Deers and Zebra.

In the daytime, they used to stay in greenery and sometimes in full moonlit night. This giant birds have great vision and hearing capabilities and can detect any enemy like Lion or any other wild animal. If they attack by an enemy, they can run with a speed of 72 km per hrs with strong and long legs. Sometimes, they also use their big wings as a rudder to change their direction at any momentum.

With their long and strong legs, they are able to cross a distance of 15 feet in a single step. Their legs are the biggest strength of them. Usually, people say that whenever an ostrich sees an enemy, they used to lay down their head in the ground, in fact, they do so when they get infected.

Ostrich Food

ostrich farming fodder management

Friends, these birds are giant in size which usually survive on the green grass, plant, flowers, fruits, tree leaves, grains, poultry and other such like fodders. They do not cost more for their fodder. Generally, about 15 thousand is enough for supplying fodder to ostrich annually.

However, for the commercial ostrich farming business plan, feeding them with poultry feed is the best idea. It is advised to prepare a food plan for feeding them with nutritious fodder in well balance amount.

For this,¬†1.5 to 2.5 % of calcium,¬†13 to 20 % of crude fiber,¬†20 to 25 % of crude protein,¬†0.6 to 1.5 % of phosphorus,¬†1,500 to 2,700 IU per kg vitamin D,¬†10,000 to 15,000 IU per kg vitamin A is good enough. Prepare with this, and feed your ostrich to make them healthy and happy…

Also, note that feeding formula for the breeding season is same but, additional 3 % extra calcium should be provided along with grass and green leafy vegetables, and some additional trace elements.

Ostrich Breeding

These giant commercial birds become sexually mature at the age of 3 to 4 years, but the female birds become earlier, around 6 months earlier than the male birds. Their breeding season starts from March and stays to last of September, however, this may differ according to climatic condition.

ostrich Breeding

They have excellent mating power and a male bird can mate with more than 7 ostrich females in a single breeding season. Their behavior is totally different during the breeding season. Male birds used to spread their large wing for attracting female birds, making special kind of sound previously. Whenever a deal is done between the male and female birds, they use to stay at calm place leaving the other active.

After mating season, females lay eggs in a big hole ( 50 cm deep & 3 meters wider) which is already prepared by the male one. An ostrich egg has dimension, 16 cm longer, 14 cm wider, and weighing 1.5 kg having thick, glossy cream-colored egg shell along with some little spot on it. The duty of hatching the egg is distributed, both male bird and female birds use to hatch it, after one another.

After about 45 days, the egg is hatch after which the male is responsible for taking care of them and also for teaching them for feeding. Friends, in ostrich birds, the survival rate is too low compared to other birds because of too many enemies including the lions, vultures, fox, etc. So, they need special kind of care. Usually, their cheeks should be kept inside of the house for about two months. A temp ranging between 26¬†¬įC to 32¬†¬įC is to be maintained for the newborn chick in the house. Try to serve them 4 times a day.

Feeding newborn ostrich chicks are quite difficult and also expensive too. Hence, give required energy, amino acid, protein, and also trace elements along with chick’s food.

Place Required For Ostrich Farming

It is supposed that 10-acre land is enough for raising 10 pairs of the ostrich as a business plan with good availability of water. Almost ensure that a good source of water is essential to keep your ostrich healthy and happy with an excellent source of food and a good stock of ostrich feed.

Is Ostrich Farming is Profitable Business?

ostrich products

Yes, friends, ostrich farming business plan is really a profitable business. All of its items give to high rate, and you can earn a lot. The following are the ostrich product, from which you can earn much…

Ostrich Egg

Usually, an ostrich egg is about 25 times larger than the usual egg of the chicken, weighing around 2 kg averagely means a single ostrich egg is enough for a big family. From Ostrich eggs, more than 15 omelets can be easily prepared.

Ostrich egg is very nutritious because of which there is great demand for cholesterol-free ostrich eggs is in big hotels, including five stars. One egg costs between one and a half thousand to two thousand. An ostrich can give you 30 eggs each year and this sequence continues for 30 years. That means a female Ostrich can give you Rs. 60,000 for about 30 yrs.

Ostrich Meat

Besides eggs, there is also a great demand for the Ostrich meat in the market. Because the Ostrich meat is 98 % free from cholesterol along with excellent protein content in it. It is most recommended to those patients who are suffering from diabetes and also heart patients. So, you can earn more than Rs. 50,000 from a single Ostrich, by selling it alive or by selling it meat in the market.

Ostrich Farming food management

Ostrich Oil

Apart from the eggs and meat, the amazing fat present in the oil of Ostrich is also very valuable and beneficial to our health. The market price of Ostrich oil is nearly about Rs 5,000 per ltr. It is mainly used by the pharmaceuticals company to prepare various kind of drugs. It is also demanded more by the fashion industry at a too high rate to make various cosmetics. This oil is also beneficial in relieving pain from numbers of diseases.

Its skin has also numbers of uses. Its skin is used for preparing Leather, shoes, purse, bags, jackets, belts etc. and an ostrich can give you a leather about 10 feets, which is more valuable in the international market.

Ostrich Wingspan

The leather, made from the ostrich wings and skin is also too expensive in the market and is trends of market demand. Wings are used, especially in the fashion industry, and craft industry. The accessories of duster pad, fan, masks, pillow, blazer, jewelry, and craft are made from its wings. After this death of Emu, money is earned by selling every part of it.

Final Words

After going through this article, you will definitely learn that how profitable is the Ostrich farming business plan in India. There is no fear of any type of loss because of all the materials, obtains from the ostrich have great market demand and are also more valuable in the market including the eggs, meat, wings, and the amazing oil of Ostrich.

Let start this profitable business right now….

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