De la agricultura

¿Qué es la agricultura? ¿Qué es agricultura? La agricultura es la actividad humana tendiente a combinar diferentes procedimientos y saberes en el tratamiento de la tierra, con el objetivo de producir alimentos de origen vegetal, tales como frutas, verduras, hortalizas, cereales, entre otros. ¿Dónde se originó la agricultura? La agricultura comenzó una vez que las … Read more

Can you plant trees on agricultural land

Do you need planning to plant trees on agricultural land UK? You will need planning permission to build anything (eg. an agricultural building such as a shed or barn) unless you have a larger area of land which will give you limited permitted development rights. Can you just plant trees anywhere? It’s not just private … Read more

Can you keep horses on agricultural land

Full Answer Can horses be used as agricultural land? – If the horses are being fed by alternative feed and any grazing is secondary, the use of the land is unlikely to be considered agricultural. Use of the field – where the horses are being exercised and ridden in the field, the use of the … Read more

Can you get a mortgage on agricultural land

AgAmerica has agricultural land loans, short-term bridge loans, and rural infrastructure loans for things like solar and wind farms. You’ll need a credit score of at least 680 to work with this lender. Can you get an agricultural mortgage for a farm? You can apply agricultural mortgage loan for a farm or against agricultural land … Read more

Can you convert agricultural land to residential

If you own a piece of agricultural land that is lying vacant, you can change its “land use”, the purpose for which a land can be used by law, and get it converted into a residential or industrial property after obtaining necessary approvals from the local authority.Oct 3, 2011 Can my agricultural land be converted … Read more

Can you change zoning from agricultural to residential

You can convert agricultural land into residential or industrial land by paying a fee. You can get a ‘change of land use’ after obtaining the necessary approval from the local authorities. You have to apply to the commissioner of the land revenue department, explaining the purpose of conversion. Procedures for requesting a zoning exception or … Read more

Can you build on agricultural land in trinidad

The carrying out on agricultural land having an area greater than 0.4 ha (one acre) of building (i.e. other operations required for the use of the land for such purposes, is considered as Permitted Development. Such buildings must maintain a minimum distance of 15m (50 feet) from a road reserve. Can you own agricultural land … Read more

Can you build on agricultural land in portugal

It may also be possible to build on agricultural land, but there are strict limits on plot and building sizes. You can obtain this information from the local town hall in a usage licence (licença de utilização). Some plots are unsuitable for building, as they’re too steep or require prohibitively expensive foundations. Full Answer Is … Read more

Can you build a house on agricultural land in philippines

Full Answer Can you build a house on agricultural land? Building a house on agricultural land can require more information like runoff control, erosion control measures, and soil tests for a septic system to get approved. Install your utilities, driveway, and any other things that your contractor is going to need to access the building … Read more

Can we get loan to buy agricultural land in india

The short answer is yes. In the U.S., private lenders offer personal loans. A personal loan is an unsecured loan that may be used for nearly any purchase, including to buy land in India. Agri. Entrepreneurs who does not own agricultural land but have agricultural background are also eligible to avail loan for purchase of … Read more