what is conventional agriculture

Image: vermont4evolution.wordpress.com Conventional farming, also known as traditional farming or industrial agriculture, refers to farming systems which include the use of synthetic chemical fertilizers, pesticides, herbicides Herbicide Herbicides, also commonly known as weedkillers, are substances used to control unwanted plants. Selective herbicides control specific weed species, while leaving the desired crop relatively unharmed, while non-selective … Read more

what is considered an agricultural enterprise

Agricultural enterprise means a business primarily engaged in the production of food and fiber, ranch- ing and raising of livestock, aqua- culture and all other farming and agri- culture-related industries. Agricultural enterprises include businesses engaged in the production of food and fiber, ranching, and the raising of livestock, aquaculture as well as all other farming … Read more

what is considered agriculture

Agricultural production includes these activities: Agriculture: cultivating soil; planting; raising, and harvesting crops; rearing, feeding, and managing animals Aquaculture: raising private aquatic animals (fish) Floriculture: growing flowering plants Horticulture: growing fruits, vegetables, and plants Maple syrup harvesting Silviculture: growing and caring for fresh trees Agriculture: cultivating soil; planting; raising, and harvesting crops; rearing, feeding, and … Read more

what is considered agricultural work

Definition of Agricultural Workers Cultivation and Tillage of the Soil. … Dairying. … Production, Cultivation and Growing. … Harvesting. … Raising of Livestock. … Raising Furbearing Animals. … Raising Poultry. … Practices Incidental to Farming. … Packinghouse Employees. … Nursery and Landscaping Operations. … Agriculture includes farming in all its branches when performed by a … Read more

what is community supported agriculture csa

How to start a community supported agriculture? Community Supported Agriculture consists of a community of individuals who pledge support to a farm operation so that the farmland becomes, either legally or spiritually, the community’s farm, with the growers and consumers providing mutual support and sharing the risks and benefits of food production. In a traditional … Read more

what is collectivization of agriculture

The process by which farmland is aggregated is called collectivization. In some countries (including the Soviet Union, the Eastern Bloc Eastern Bloc The Eastern Bloc was the group of communist states of Central and Eastern Europe, East Asia, and Southeast Asia under the hegemony of the Soviet Union during the Cold War in opposition to … Read more

what is clearing in agriculture

Image: kerfab.com.au Land clearing is the development of land with the intention of creating a potential use for agricultural purposes. Land clearing requires the removal of native cover ‒ including trees, bushes and boulders ‒ from the land surface. The land is subsequently broken to create a workable bed into which a crop can be … Read more

what is cash crop agriculture

Cash crops are agricultural crops that are planted for the purpose of selling on the market or for export to make profit, as distinguished from subsistence crops subsistence crops Subsistence agriculture occurs when farmers grow food crops to meet the needs of themselves and their families on smallholdings. Subsistence agriculturalists target farm output for survival … Read more

what is carbon sequestration in agriculture

Carbon sequestration in the agriculture sec- tor refers to the capacity of agriculture lands and forests to remove carbon dioxide from the atmosphere. What is carbon sequestration simple definition? Carbon sequestration is the process of capturing and storing atmospheric carbon dioxide. It is one method of reducing the amount of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere … Read more

what is carbon credits in agriculture

What is an agriculture carbon credit? A carbon credit is the certificate that a practice has removed 1 tonne of carbon dioxide from the atmosphere. What is a carbon credit? Carbon can be thought of like a crop, similar to the other crops you produce on your farm. A carbon credit (also known as a … Read more