what is agricultural insurance

Agricultural insurance is a class of business of its own whose specific features are as follows: The localization of crops stands as an impediment to risk spreading. … The information available is dissymmetric and favorable to anti-selection. … The dispersion of insurable zones throughout the world increases operational and administrative costs. … The underwriting of … Read more

what is agricultural extension pdf

What are the objectives of agricultural extension? Extension is essentially the means by which new knowledge and ideas are introduced into rural areas in order to bring about change and improve the lives of farmers and their families. Extension, therefore, is of critical importance. Without agricultural extension, farmers would lack access to the support and … Read more

what is agricultural ecosystem

Agricultural ecosystems are dynamic and complex systems of climate zones that include various factors such as temperature, precipitation, surrounding conditions influencing the crop growth by either direct or indirect interaction with the crop plants and animals from that area, soil nutrients, and plant growth–promoting microbiota. Agricultural ecosystems are dynamic and complex systems of climate zones … Read more

what is agricultural economy

How does agriculture affect the US economy? Agricultural Economy Any local or national economy heavily dependent on agriculture. Most jobs in an agricultural economy are rooted in farming and ranching, at least tangentially. For example, even if one does not farm, one may make a living selling tractors and other farm equipment. Agricultural economies are … Read more

what is agricultural diffusion

The diffusion of agricultural innovations is a process whereby new ways of doing things are spread within and between agrarian communities. feature of modern agriculture. New technolo- gies are introduced gradually; diffusion is the. process through which technologies spread. throughout the farm sector over time. Full Answer What are the industrial applications of diffusion?  · … Read more

what is a surfactant in agriculture

Surfactants are adjuvants that facilitate and accentuate the emulsifying, dispersing, spreading, wetting, or other surface modifying properties of liquids. Many pesticides require the addition of an adjuvant, and some do not. What are the types of surfactants in agriculture? A surfactant is a combination of the phrase “surface active agent,” which is an organic compound … Read more

what is a agricultural technician

March 8, 2021 An agricultural technician is a STEM professional who works in machinery, food and animal science. A career as an agricultural technician allows you to pursue many topics related to natural science and mathematics, and it can be a good mix between office work and fieldwork. Agricultural Technicians. Work with agricultural scientists in … Read more

what hurts the country’s agricultural productivity

Why is agriculture bad for the economy?  · 02/07/2018 Geography High School What hurts the country’s agricultural productivity? Syria does not have much fertile farmland. The Syrian government taxes farmers at a high rate. Most Syrian farmers do not irrigate their land. The climate of Syria is hot and dry. New questions in Geography How … Read more

what education do you need to be a agricultural engineer

What degree do I need to become an agricultural engineer? 6 rows · 81% of agricultural engineers have a bachelor’s degree, with the second most common being a … How to become an agricultural engineer in the United States? Entry-level jobs in agricultural engineering require a bachelor’s degree, preferably in agricultural or biological engineering. Such programs … Read more

what does yield mean in agriculture

Image: marketbusinessnews.com In agriculture, the yield is a measurement of the amount of a crop grown, or product such as wool, meat or milk produced, per unit area of land. The seed ratio is another way of calculating yields. Crop yield is a standard measurement of the amount of agricultural production harvested—yield of a crop—per … Read more