Poultry Farming Project Report | Cost & Profit Margin

Poultry Farming Project Process, Profit and Guide 2018 

Nowadays, the poultry farming business plan is commonly opted by most of the people all over the globe because of too much profit in this business in a very short time period. Numbers of peoples do not know about poultry farm in India | cost or poultry farming | cost | project report. 

So, today we are going to learn poultry farming project report with taking some ideal conditions for it. In this article, you will also learn how much investment is required for poultry farming before starting this business and at what time, you will be able to earn a decent income from this business.

This poultry farming project report can help in many ways. So, let learn this and make use of it as possible.

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Poultry Farming Project Report (10,000 Birds)

Here below is the costing and returns for setting up a poultry farm for 10,000 poultry birds in your poultry.

Poultry Farming

However, depending on your initial capital, you can enlarge or minimize this. This will provide you just idea about costing and returns in the poultry farming business.

One Time Investment In Poultry Farming

Specification How much it Cost  Total Cost (Approx)
Cost of Shedding {Includes bricks, bamboo, mud wall, etc) @ Rs 70 per sq feet & a poultry bird require minimum one sq feet area. Rs 70 Rs 7,00,000 (10,000 poultry birds X Rs 70)
Cost of Poultry Farming Equipement Rs 15 per bird Rs 1,50,000 (10,000 birds X Rs 15)
Cost of Light fitting (Assuming 5 % of total shedding cost) 5 % of total Shedding Cost Rs 35,000 (5 % of Rs 7,00,000)
Total inevestment (1 time) Rs. 8,85,000

Reccuring Cost in Poultry Farming Project

Specification How much it Cost Total Cost (Approx)
Cost of Fodder for chickens Rs 3 per Kg Rs 30,000 (1 kg per each chicken)
Cost of Fodder for birds (each bird needs 3.5 kg of fodder daily) Rs 17 Rs 5,85,000
Cost of medicines, vaccination, labor, etc. 4 % of total investment Rs 35,120
Cost of Insurance (@ Rs 1 per bird) Rs 1 Rs 10,000
Total Rs 9,25,000

Total Initial Investment

Total investment= 1 time investment + reccuring cost

Total investment= Rs. 8,85,000 + Rs 9,25,000

Total investment= Rs. 18,08,000

That is, if you want to raise 10,000 no’s poultry birds in your farm then you should have thisn much of capital.

However, anyone can start this business via raising less no’s of poultry birds at the beginning¬†which can be increased in the following years, depending on the initial investment, he wants to put.

Poultry Farm | Profit Margin

Broiler Poultry Farming

Poultry Farming

After setting up a good poultry farming, in a very time period, you will be able to get good returns from this business farming.

This business takes about two to three months from the establishment to give rapid income.

If you are raising poultry birds for the meat purpose, then select a fast-growing breed of poultry birds. By raising a proper breed of poultry birds, you can obtain instant income from this business. By this, in about two months, the breeds are perfectly suitable for the market.

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Taking the weight of poultry birds, averagely 1 kg, you can earn about 10,000 (birds) X Rs. 100 (lowest meat rate in the market) = Rs 10,00,000 means in a very short time period, you are going to earn about 100 % of returns, which you had spent to establish this business.

Nowadays, growers used to buy the little chicks from the market and give them time to grow a big one by providing proper feed in sufficient amount¬†with fresh water. You can go for this ideas to earn more and more…

Layer Poultry Farming

Poultry Farming

Presently, poultry farming business is mainly done for the eggs. Since this is more profitable than broiler poultry farming.

A healthy bird can give you more income as there is a great market demand for eggs for consumption, for chicks.

Besides this, there is great market demand for the eggs because of plenty of health benefits of eggs, numerous uses in the cooking and also for the medicinal purpose.

Final Words

Friends, the business of raising domestic birds is increasing more and more and is also opted more by the grower because of too much profit in this business. So, if you want to start this extraordinary business on your own, but no idea about the costing and returns in the poultry farming business, then this can help you more.

I hope that this poultry farming project report can help in many ways. Make use of it.

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