How To Start Rabbit Farming As Business Plan In India?

Rabbit Farming Process, Profit and Guide For Begineers

Are you interested in starting a rabbit farm? Yes, then today I am here with all the information about rabbit farming and how to start a rabbit farming as a business plan to earn big profit. In this article, you will also learn how to set up a commercial rabbit farm for business, best suitable rabbits breeds along with the advantages of farming rabbits.

In the last, I will also show you a video from which, you can learn more about the rabbit farming business plan.

Rabbit are mainly raised for the making profit by selling their meat and also raise as a lovely pet. Fur is also obtained as an important byproduct. Rabbit farming is done from long time ago all over the world. And if you want to start an animal farming business and have not much capital as well space than this small mammals; rabbit are the best for farming or raising them as the business plan. Also, in all type of climatic condition, you can raise them and also earn much profit by raising them. So, raising rabbits is really enjoyable and profitable business.

This business does not require much capital as well space as like other cattle farming. And, within a short period, you can achieve great profit with this. There are two methods of raising rabbits, both of them requires shelter to give protection from the predators and other elements. A good storage of fodders is also required for starting rabbits farm. Anyone can start this business with having only a few rabbits only.

Importance of Rabbit Farming

The Rabbit Farming Business has the great importance as all like other livestock which can be started with low investment, and also less space. This is also a good source of income for many unemployed peoples. Rabbits produce a high-quality woolen can be mixed up with other fine fibers for preparing quality woolen cloths, which are in trending demand. Presently, the angora rabbits are mainly raised to get their high-quality fur.

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This farming business is affordable to all. Anyone can start this business plan with having few rabbits only. Since rabbits are wonderful breeders so your farm will increase up to commercial scale in short period only. A female rabbit can give birth up to 8 kits in one month. Think, how fast your business will grow up. Rabbits do not require any specific fodder for them. You can feed them easily with the green available in your surroundings and also the vegetable waste.

Rabbit meat has great demand in the market because of high protein content and less fat content in comparison to other meats.

Why Should I Start A Rabit Farm?

Here below are the reason, why to start a Rabbit farm rather than going for any other livestock farming.

  1. Highly Prolific in Nature: Rabbits have the high productive capacity. Since a good rabbit female is capable of producing more than 25 young ones in a year.
  2. Less Space And Low-Cost Business: One can also start this business at small scale business as a part-time in the backyard garden by using the kitchen waste as the fodder.
  3. No Need of Qualification: Anyone can start this business such as a farmer, a housewife, a labor, etc and also, it does not require too much space and capital to start a rabbit farm.
  4. Instant Income: By raising rabbits, you will able to good returns in around 6 months after establishing of the farm.
  5. White Meat: The meat from rabbit has great demand in the market as it is classified as the white meat because it is full of poly-unsaturated fatty acids.
  6. Big Wool Producers: Rabbits are also the best wool producer on the basis of wool produce per kilograms of body weight because rabbit needs about 30 % low digestible energy for producing wool in compared to sheeps.
  7. Great Market Scopes: Because of instant returns, within a short time period, you can repay all the initial costs.
  8. A big source of Income: Besides meat and wool, you can also get big income by selling kits, pelt, meat and their manure.
  9. Good Manure: The residual feed of rabbit commonly mixed with rabbit manure is best suitable for the Worms compost to yield excellent manure for the agriculture.
  10. High-Quality Wool: The wool obtained from the rabbit is about eight times warmer in comparison to the sheep’s wool. Also, this can be mixed well with¬†sheep wool, silk, rayon,¬†polyester,¬†nylon, and other fibers to obtain high-quality handlooms.
  11. No food Cost: You can feed your rabbits with all available greens also the waste from vegetables, forage, etc. So, there is no cost of fodder for them required.

Take some time and think, is the best to start a new livestock farming rather than going for any other business.

Which Rabbits Breeds, Should I Raise?

Before starting a rabbit farming business plan, it is better to learn which breed of rabbit is better for raising. So, to provide you comfort here below is the list of the top 10 breeds of rabbits, which are suitable best for raising rabbits along with their avg. meat weigh and specification to earn a lot.

Rabbit Breed Average Meat Weight Specification
New Zealand Whites 9 to 14 Pounds Common rabbit breed, most raised, top meat-producing breed
Californian Rabbits 9 to 14 Pounds Hybreed of New Zealand Whites & Chinchilla, popular for producing good quality and blocky meat
The American Chinchilla 10 Pounds Best suitable for raising rabbits, larger than the Chinchilla rabbit
Silver Foxes 12 to 14 Pounds Fancy meat producing rabbit breed, silver body along with black shading
Champagne D Argent perfect breed for homestead, different colors such as white, chocolate and creme color
Cinnamons Rabbits Breed of  American Chinchilla and New Zealand White, good meat producer breed
Satins rabbits Good meat-producing breed, available in chocolate, red, blue, black, Siamese, copper, and also otter color
Rex Rabbits 9 to 12 Pounds Good for meat as well for fur, also available in various color
Palomino Rabbits 9 to 12 Pounds Are also good meat producer for commercial purpose
Flemish Giants 20 Pounds Best suitable for raising as business, have larger body skeleton and size

Apart from this, New Zealand Red, Grey Giant, Soviet Chinchilla, White Giant, Flemish Giant, Dutch, are also some high meat producing rabbit breeds, raised by the people for producing meat and fur from them.

Note: For the Business, it is always a good thing to raise a highly productive, more fertile and fast-growing breed of rabbits to obtain more profit from this business. But, select a specific depending on your climate condition also the availability of source.

Rabbits Images

How to Raise Rabbits Profitiablely?

Farming Or Raising Methods In Rabbit Farming

There are two methods for raising the rabbits, first one is the by deep litter system and the 2nd one is by cage system. Both of them, require a good shelter to protect them from the predators. If you have less capital, then you can make a small shelter at your backyard with low investment. Shelter apart from saving predators is also helpful in keeping your rabbits free from the weather conditions, sun, rain, etc

Feeding Your Rabbits

A smart guy, always look for what do rabbits eat and drink? before starting a new rabbit farm. As your is business mainly base on the meat weight. So, a good food for your rabbits always assure a good health and also proper growth of them. Try to provide healthy and high quality, nutritious food in sufficient amount, so that your rabbits can grow healthy and well. Usually, rabbits are capable of consuming all types of legumes, grains and also green fodder such as Agatha, Desmanthus, Lucerne, along with waste from kitchen including all types of vegetable waste.

Also, feeding them by sufficient amount is also beneficial in growing fast and also gaining more weight. So, for one kg of rabbit body weight, 40 gm of green food and 40 gm of concentrate food is enough for a day. Your food should have well nutritious content and also should have good quality.

Along with feeding concentrated food, it is also essential to provide clean and fresh water in sufficient amount, on the basis of their demand.

Breeding of Your Rabbits

As your business is also depended on the reproduction, you should be aware of what age do rabbits start breeding normally??? And also how to breed rabbits successfully? to enhance and increase your business from small scale to commercial scale.

Usually, At the age of 6 months, rabbits become ready for breeding. To obtain a good quality of young rabbits, it is good to use, a male rabbit which is one year older. Also, use only and only healthy rabbits which have proper body weight and age for the breeding.

Also, extra care of the healthy breeding male rabbit and the pregnant rabbits is to be taken.

Rabbit | Care & Management Tips

Taking care and managing your rabbits can leads better production in your business. However, there are fewer diseases observed in the rabbit farming. Diseases in rabbits can cause less meat production, also the fur. And also, there are more chances of spreading an infection to all over your farm. So, necessary steps should be taken as soon as a disease observed in you rabbit farming business.

Rabbit Diseases

Rabbit Calicivirus, Myxomatosis, Uterine Tumours, Hairballs (Trichobezoars), Snuffles (Pasteurellosis), Overgrown Teeth, Calicivirus (Rabbit Haemorrhagic Disease Virus) are some common disease, of which your rabbits can be infected. Learn symptoms and causes of all these mentioned. So, take care of your rabbits regularly and manage them as well.

Rabbit Diseases | Pictures

Marketing Your Products

Hence, the final thing is to pay attention in this business farming. As we know that, rabbit meat is categorized as a white meat, there is a great demand for rabbit meat in the market. Eating rabbit meat is also beneficial to us because of low fatty acids content and high protein content present in it.

But the only problem is the market available to you. There are many organization; both, govt. as well also Non-govt., encouraging this business. First of all, try to your local market. But, you are unable to meet a good profit by selling your products in the local market, then is advised to go for exporting products in the international markets.

Bottom Line

Dear Friends, Raising Rabbits as a business plan is really a fun and also profitable is done with little practical base information. So, have a visit to your nearest rabbit farm, learn the basics and start a new rabbit farming business, if you are really looking for starting a business with low input like the capital, space, care, and management, etc.

However, a big profit can be earned through rabbit farming by raising a high quality, fertile and fast-growing rabbit breed.

Have a good Luck

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