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Sheep Farming Business Plan Learn About Sheep Farming

The business of raising sheep as the business plan is being followed from ancient time and is the profession of people, all over the globe. As like other domestic animals like the cattle farming, goat farming, and rabbit farming, sheep farming is also famous amongst the local.

Sheep farming business includes the rearing sheep commercially for its milk, wool production, and also for its meat. However, sheep are less raised for the milk purpose whereas are more raise for the wool and meat production. One can raise sheep at both, small-scale and large-scale with having some essentials like the fodder stock and good source of fresh water. As like other domestic animal farming, commercial sheep farming business is also profitable which yield good and instant returns in a very short interval.

Sheep Farming Business in India

Sheep farming business Plan is not a hardworking job, but to earn a big profit from it requires a precise business strategy plan. So, here is the guide for sheep farming for beginners including all the steps involved in this business.

Reason Behind Starting a Sheep Farm

You may ask that why to choose sheep farming business rather than going for goat farming or dairy farming business. Basically, sheep farming is mainly done for producing wool, milk, meat and also manure. The meat obtained from sheep is tasty and have high nutrition value, because of which is famous amongst the peoples throughout the world.

Sheep farming business can be done at anywhere like in desert, barren, mountainous and semiarid area because this does not require much initial capital, feed as well as much space for them to raise. And, a sharp income can be obtained in the very short time period by raising sheep commercially.

Sheep farming business

Apart from this, here below are some reason for selecting a sheep farming business plan in India. Learn them and decide your own, is Sheep farming is profitable or Not?

  1. Low Capital Business: Starting a new sheep farm does not require much initial capital to establish.
  2. Less Expensive: There is no need of making an expensive shelter for your raise sheep.
  3. Low Labor Cost: This business does not require more laborious input, as all the other livestock farming needs.
  4. Fast Growing Business: Your sheep reproduce frequently, so your sheep farming business will increase more rapidly than other cattle farming business.
  5. No specific Fodder Requirement: They can eat any type of plant, so, there is no need of any specific fodder for them to give.
  6. Less Fodder Requirement: These animals can survive by eating low-quality grass and other green fodder to produce high-quality meat and wool.
  7. Sheep products: There is great demand for the sheep products in the market such as meat, milk, and wood for various types of uses.
  8. Hardy Animal to Raise: Sheep are hardy animals, which are able to adapt themselves in any kind of atmosphere
  9. Low Space Requirement: There is no need of a huge space for them. You can also raise them with other livestock animals.
  10. Big Source of Employment: Farming sheep does not require much effort. However, with good farm management skill, anyone can earn a big profit from this. In a very short time period, you will earn a sharp income from this business.
  11. No Qualification is Require: There is no need of any type of qualification in this business. Anyone can do this business and can earn a lot in very less time.

How to Start Sheep Farm in India?

Raising sheep commercially is not a hardworking job, but to earn a big profit from it requires proper care along with good farm management practices. So, it is a good idea to start this business with a good strategic plan.

Sheep farming business plan in India

So, here below are some steps on sheep farming guide to convert this into a lucrative business, learn them, start it and earn a lot from this.

Selecting a Suitable Location for Sheep Farm

It is an important task in your business plan. A suitable farm location has numbers of advantages. Always select a place where there is an availability of all the essential such as fodder stock. Availability of green fodder, good transportation, good medication, along with a good source of fresh water is essential for starting your business.

Also, looks for the marketing your business that is how much is the demand for your business products in the local market.

Select a Good Sheep Breed To Raise

As your business is mainly depended on the byproducts obtains from the sheep such as the milk, wool, and the sheep meat, it is always a smart choice to raise good sheep breed, which is high in meat, wool and milk production. There are many famous sheep breeders available in the market, from where you can buy proper sheep breed.

Raising proper sheep breed

Depending on your own climate condition, select a good sheep breed to raise and earn a lot from it. Like if you want to raise sheep for their meat, then select a fast growing breed o sheep and if you want to raise them for the milk and wool production, then selecting a suitable one from the market.

Nowadays, there are many local breeds of sheep are easily available. However, one can also go for the commercial sheep breed to earn big profit. Here below is the list of top 10 different breeds of sheep and their characteristics. Learn it.

Sheep Breed Specification
Merino Most famous breed famous for producing high-quality wool.
Leicester Long-wool Sheep Rare breed in many regions and are also capable of producing high-quality wool
Lincoln sheep Produce finest and fleece wool, raise all over the worlds
Dorset sheep Are known for producing delicious and tasty meat and are fast breeding sheep breed
Dorper sheep Are raise for obtaining meat and also wool can adapt according to climate condition
Hampshire sheep Are known for producing excellent and quality meat as well wool
Suffolk sheep Bigest rowing sheep breed, which produces delicious mutton or meat
American Black Bellied or Barbados Produces lean meat’s, lacking the smell of mutton in meat
Jacob sheep Most used for wool production and hides
East Friesian Most productive breed of sheep, which is well known for milk production all over the globe

Note: In India, Deccani, Bellary, Merino, Banner, Cheviot, Hassan, Rambouillet, South Down are some common sheep breed, which raises commercially.

Raise to suitable one depending on your purpose of raising sheep.

Construct a Good Sheep Shelter

Small-Scale Sheep farming does not require much space to start it. And also, there is no need of constructing an expensive house for them. The only need should be fulfilled is the need of fodder and freshwater.

For Commercial, construct a separate house for them to provide them shelter to protect them from the worst weather, pests, and diseases. Also, from natural predators. Normally, for rearing sheep commercially, a shelter which is 20 feet long and 15 feet wider and having rooftop at 8 feet height is good enough.

sheep shelter or housing

Make sure of the good ventilation system in the shelter to provide fresh air in sufficient amount and light. Proper hygiene should be done on regular basis along with good drainage system in sheep house.

Fencing For sheep

A proper fencing around your sheep shelter is also required so that your sheep can graze freely. It also provides protection from the harmful predators. Strong fencing does not allow them to go outside.

Make use of good fencing wire to prepare a strong one.

Ensure Good Stock of Sheep Food

Make sure of the good stock of fodder for your sheep. Since a proper feeding is essential for proper sheep growth for producing maximum. Supplying a high quality and nutritious food to them keeps them healthy, more productive and also free from diseases.

Sheep fodder

Always provide high quality and nutritious food to them keeps your sheep healthy, more productive and also free from diseases. Basically, all kinds of grasses, corns, and plants are favored food of sheep.

Providing sufficient amount of fresh water along with enough nutritious fodder is also an essential for earning big profit.

Sheep | Care, and Management

Friends, proper care and management of your farm ensure that you are going to earn huge profit from the sheep farming business plan. So, take care of them.

Commercial Sheep Farming Business Plan in India

A Sheep management includes raising a fast growing and productive sheep breed, providing high quality and nutritious fodder along with sufficient amount of fresh water. This also includes timely vaccination, to keep away all types of sheep diseases. A good vet can help you more in this.

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Sheep Diseases

Learn below sheep diseases list:

  • Abortion
  • Caseous lymphadenitis (CL, CLA)
  • Foot scald and rot
  • Internal parasites
  • Mastitis
  • Ovine progressive pneumonia (OPP)
  • Pregnancy toxemia
  • Respiratory disease
  • Scrapie
  • Soremouth (orf)

Learn more about them from your local vet, and cure them as soon as observed. Since there are more chances of spreading all the kind of diseases to the other sheep.

Marketing Your Products

There is no need of marketing your products in the market because peoples are always looking for sheep products in the market.

The following are the reason, why people are looking for sheep products:

  • Sheep Wool

Sheep are well known for producing high-quality wool. The wool produce from sheep is used in preparing numbers of woolen items. Sheep wool with Rabbit wool is considered as the best wool in the market.

Sheep Wool

  • Sheep Meat

The meat obtain from sheep also have great demands because sheep meat is high in protein with low fat and high nutritious value.

  • Sheep Milk

Apart from wool and meat, you can also sell milk to the local to earn some extra income from it.

Final Words

Sheep farming and goat farming are being followed from ancient time and are also the good source of employment. Try to gather some practical knowledge of the sheep farming business plan, so that you can learn more about how to start sheep farming in India, sheep diseases and management, and about this business plan.

Anyone can raise sheep commercially for meat, wool, and milk. But, by selecting a proper sheep breeds, taking care and timely vaccination, one can convert this business in to more and more profitable.

Have a Great Success in Sheep Farming

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