How to Start Quail Farming For Egg & Meat Production for Beginners

Quail Farming What is Quail Farming? Process and Profit 

What do you mean by the word, quail farming? It is nothing but the business of rearing or raising quail birds for the nutritious egg and tasty meat purpose is known as the quail farming. Nowadays, this business plan has plenty of importance because there are lots of benefits of following a quail bird farming rather than going for any other poultry farming or layer farming. 

Commercially, the quail farming business plant is very easy to follow, lucrative and entertaining with a great profit with minimum input and minimal care and management. These birds are very to handle because they are one of the smallest species of poultry and layer birds.

quail farming for egg and meat production

Basically, the Japanese scientists introduce the bird, wild quail and show that how can quail birds be also profitable as like the other domestic birds are? Then after, the quail farming spread remarkably in Japan and then after, to all over the world. Nowadays, the business of rearing these small birds, quail birds has a specific importance in the poultry farming.

Scope of Quail Bird Farming

Commercially, there a big importance of quail birds. These small birds are mainly reared for their delicious and amazing meats and profitable eggs. Also, there is also need for less care and management for raising these birds. They can be reared with other poultry birds such as chicken, turkey, duck, etc. These small birds are able to adapt themselves to all type of climate conditions and weather. So, they can be everywhere in the world.

The meat and eggs of these birds have amazing taste and are also very high in nutrition value. Quail eggs contain higher protein content along with iron, vitamin A, vitamin B 1, vitamin B 2, phosphorus etc so these eggs have great market potential in the market; both local and international.

Nowadays, with the increasing population, the food requirement is also increasing rapidly. So, starting quail farming business is really a profitable one, if done with the suitable way. It is also possible to rear these small birds along with other poultry and layer birds. Since it can play an important role in meeting the food requirement. There is also need of less initial investment for starting this business along with minimal care and management of the birds.

Why Should I Chose Quail Bird Farming?

Before starting any business, everyone should be aware of the reason behind starting his business and what are the benefits of the business. So, the following is the list of some of the benefits of quail farming business. Learn the list…

How to start quail farming

  • Low Space Requirement: These are small size birds so there is low space requirement for raising them for meat and eggs. One can easily rear about 6 to 8 quail birds in the same place, which is required for rearing chicken for meat and eggs. For rearing about 8 to 10 birds of quail, space required is about 1 sq. meter.
  • Cheap Quail Foods: In the market, quail food is available at the cheaper rate in comparison to the other poultry birds food.
  • Hardy Birds: They are hardy birds and are able to adapt to almost all types of climatic conditions and atmosphere. They are also fewer diseases found in these birds.
  • Early Maturing Age: Quail becomes mature faster in comparison to the other poultry and layer birds since they have faster growth rate.
  • Faster Growing Rate: Usually, they start laying at their age of 6 to 8 weeks old. Usually, quail eggs become ready for hatching after about 15 to 18 days.
  • Nutritious Eggs and Meat: There is great demand for quail eggs and meat in the market because the eggs and meat from them are very tasty and delicious along with very high nutrition value.
  • Low Capital Requirement: The capital required for starting quail farming business is very less. The labor cost is also very low than other poultry farming.
  • Quail Meat: The meat from quail have very low-fat content. So, it is the best replacement of the red meat for those who are suffering from high blood pressure problem.
  • High Converting Ratio: These birds are able to produce 1 kg of meat and eggs per each 3 kg of food consumption which is very high than other poultry birds.
  • Affordable to All: The market price of quail eggs is lower than the chicken eggs because of very small size. So, are affordable to all kinds of people. Anyone can enjoy them… One can easily sell out a good stock of eggs in a short time span.
  • Excellent Source of Income and Employment: Quail farming business is a lucrative business venture, it is an excellent source of instant income and employment for all kinds of peoples. An unemployed educated can easily earn a sharp and instant rapid income by following quail birds for tasty meat and nutritious eggs.

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Quail | Facts & Characteristics

Quail birds are very small in size with very low body weight. Normally, an adult quail birds weigh from 130 gm to 230 gm and the normal weight of the quail egg is around 8 to 16 gms. As they are small size birds, they attain maturity quicker than others poultry birds. Normally, they start egg laying at their age of 6 to 8 weeks. They used to lay one egg daily as like the chickens used too. The egg has multiple colors with a beautiful appearance. In the first year of their life, they used to lay more than 300 no’s of eggs. In the following year, this reduces to the 200 eggs and then after. the egg production capacity of quail bird progressively decreases with their increasing age. However, for rearing quails for meat production, there is need of an incubator for incubating eggs since they do not incubate their eggs. Presently, using a brooder chicken for hatching these eggs is considered as the best way for hatchings of eggs.

quail facts and characteristics

There is great demand for quail eggs and meats because of its excellent medicinal value. A quail egg contains around 2.5 % or less fat than a chicken egg. So, is considered as the best for human health. Also, the meat from quail has very low-fat content. So, it is the best replacement of the red meat for those who are suffering from high blood pressure and diabetic problem.

Generally, quail birds able to lay more than 600 no’s of eggs in their economic life. After which are used for producing meat. The egg productivity of quail can be increased by sunlight. Quail used to lay eggs at afternoon which takes around 15 to 18 days to become ready for hatching. A protection from heavy wind and cold conditions to be provided to chicks for about 14 to 20 days so that they can survive.

Health Benefits of Quail Eggs and Meat

Health Benefits of Quail Eggs

Quail eggs are very low in calory content along with trace amount of carbohydrates. However, a quail egg is full of the following vitamins:

  • Vitamin A (retinol)
  • Vitamin B 1
  • Vitamin B 2 (Riboflavin)
  • Vitamin B 6
  • Vitamin B 12
  • Vitamin C
  • Vitamin D and 
  • Vitamin E

Along with above-mentioned list of vitamins, they’re also full of

  • Omega-3
  • Omega-6 fatty acids
  • Choline
  • Selenium
  • Magnesium
  • Folic acid
  • Potassium
  • Iron
  • Phosphorus and 
  • Zinc

However, the following is the list of some of the health benefits of eating quail eggs.

  1. It corrects coughs & Asthma condition.
  2. It is also helpful for those who are suffering from low blood sugar problem.
  3. It Increases the working of immune system and brain.
  4. It is good in attaining the excellent growth rate of the body.
  5. It also decreases the chances of getting the stroke, cancer, cardio arrest, and arthritis.
  6. It is an amazing source of minerals and vitamins.
  7. It contains Phosphorus, minerals, vitamins B, proteins, etc. All these are beneficial for the healthy development of fetal during the pregnancy period.
  8. The yolk sac (white matter of egg) is also used in the treatment of hair
  9. It also works as a good anti-aging agent, so is beneficial for skin health and face health.
  10. Apart from this, it is also considered as the best replacement of those, who have allergy from the chicken eggs.

How to Start Quail Farming Business?

Rearing quail for the eggs and meat production is not a hard working job, but requires care to be taken while performing some task such as selection of breed, business purpose; meat production or egg production, housing, feeding, care and management of birds, along with marketing strategies. Make a proper business plan before starting quail farming. A proper business plan is quail farming is always beneficial in creating a huge income from this business.

Commercial quail farming

Here below is something for you about all these crucial tasks of quail farming business.

Selecting a Suitable Quail Breed

Presently, there around more than 18 species of domestic quail are available throughout the different portion of the world. All these species of quail are reared, depending on the purpose of quail farming. Because some of them are suitable for egg production whereas some for the meat production. However, there are also species of quail are available in the market, which is popular and famous for both; eggs and meat production.

Depending on the purpose of business, there are two kinds of quail breeds throughout the world; broiler and layer.

Broiler Quail Breeds

The quail breeds which are famous for meat production are known are broiler quail breeds. The following species of quail are very popular for commercial quail farming throughout the world.

  • Bobwhite (American)
  • White Breasted (Indian)

Layer Quail Breeds

The quail breeds which are famous for egg production are known are layer quail breeds. The following species of quail, which are very popular for commercial quail farming throughout the world.

  • Tuxedo
  • English White
  • British Range
  • Pharaoh
  • Manchurian Golden

Quail Housing

Quail housing is an important task, that needs attention while making a house. Because of a safe and comfortable housing playa an important role in the production.

Points to Be Consider While Quail Housing

quail housing

Make sure of the following while making the house for quails.

  • Select a good System of Housing: Quail can be reared with both; cage system and litter system of poultry farming. However, quail farming with cage system is more beneficial then litter system since little care and management is needed in this system.
  • Source of Air and Light: Make sure of a good ventilation system in the house. Also, make sure of the proper flow of fresh air and light in the house.
  • Provide Sufficient Space: For optimum meat and egg production, there is need of sufficient space for them so that can grow well in the house. For rearing 100 quail birds, a cage measuring 60 cm length, 120 cm wide and 25 cm height is good enough.
  • Use wire net:  Make use of use wire net for making the cages having measurements 5 mm x 5 mm for an adult quail bird. However, with the view of input, the plastic cages are the most suitable for the quail farming business.
  • Make Sure of Safety and Security: Try to keep away all kinds of natural predators such as dogs, cat, snakes, etc to provide protection to these birds. If protection is not provided, you may have to face loss sometimes.

Feeding Management in Quail Farming

Quail Feed Formula is also one of the tasks of quail farming strategy or business plan. Since our business is totally depended on the eggs and meat production, there is need of keeping all the birds healthy and happy so that they grow well and produce the most. For keeping them happy and healthy, provide nutritious and high-quality food in enough amount.

A domestic adult quail requires about 25 gms of nutritious food for the optimum growth rate, on the daily basis with good protein content in the food.

quail Feeding

Here below is a chart showing of what, the balanced feed should be?

Quail Age
First 3 Weeks
4 to 5 Weeks
Broken Wheat
48 %
50 %
50 %
Sesame Cake
21 %
20 %
20 %
Kipper Fish
21 %
17 %
15 %
Rice Bran
7 %
9 %
10 %
Broken Oyster shell
2.25 %
3.25 %
4.25 %
0.50 %
0.50 %
0.50 %
Mineral Mix
0.25 %
0.25 %
0.25 %
Total (Percentage)
100 %
100 %
100 %

Quail Farming Purpose | Egg or Meat Production

There are different procedure depending on egg and meat products such as selection of breed, feeding management in birds, housing, etc.

Raising Quail For Egg Production

For the egg production purpose, the presence of light in enough amount is highly advised in the house. Using electric bulb are the convenient way of providing light and heat in the house. However, the light demand in the house varies according to the season and climate conditions. For successful breeding in quail, keep a single male bird with every 4 to 6 female birds. Also, select a high yielding and fast growing breed so that your business increase faster. Also, make sure of proper hygiene in the house, keep is dry and clean.

The egg production the quail birds depends on numbers of key factors such as temp. light, feeding, and water with care and management of the birds. The presence of light in the house plays a significant role in the desired egg production from quails.

quail farming for eggs

Maintain the temp. of the house according to the following table for maximum egg production.

Temperature ( o Celsius)
Light (Hour)
1st Week
35 °C
2nd Week
30 °C
3rd Week
25 °C
4th Week
23 °C
5th Week
21 °C
6th Week
21 °C
7th Week
21 °C
8th Week
21 °C
9th Week
21 °C
Other Time
21 °C

Raising Quail Chicks For Meat Production

Friends, rearing chicks for meat production, there is need of incubating their eggs with suitable method because quail birds never incubate their lay eggs. And for raising chicks for meat production, proper hatching is needed. In the market, artificial incubators are available but using a hen or chicken for incubating their eggs is the best and most adopted by the farmers. Lay eggs become suitable for hatching after about 15 to 18 days if proper incubation provided. As we learn earlier that for optimum egg production, there is need of adequate light for about 15 to 17 hours in the house.

Raising Quail Chicks For Meat Production

Newly born chicks require specific care for about two to three weeks. Keep them separately in a brooder house and provide them artificial heat with adequate light for three weeks. Newly born chicks are very sensitive to numbers of key factors. Here below is such a list to which these chicks are very sensitive, keep them in mind while rearing newly born chicks…

  • Adequate temperature
  • Proper movement of fresh air
  • Sufficient light
  • Quail chicks density
  • Proper Hygiene in the house
  • Supply of food and water in enough amount

The following is a chart showing the temp. and light maintenance in the house for raising chicks successfully.

Chicks Age
Temp. (o Celsius)
Light (Hr)
37.5 °C
2nd Week
35 °C
3rd Week
32.5 °C

Note: Above mentioned table is according to the ideal conditions. But, maintain it according to the weather and climate conditions.

Care and Management in Quail Farming

To obtain a good profit from this business plan, a little care and management are required from the diseases along with few daily hygienic tasks.

Quail | Diseases

The following is a table listing some of the common quail diseases, symptoms, along with their prevention.

Quail Disease Symptoms Prevention
Ulcerative Enteritis ulcers on small intestine Isolate the infected birds from the remaining ones
Coccidiosis birds start off feed, become pale, weak-legged, and can die, if not treated timely Make sure of proper hygiene in the house
Histomoniasis (Blackhead) listlessness, loss of appetite, drooping wings, sulfur-colored droppings, yellowish, & high mortality Elimination of cecal worm & infections
Capillary Worms (Capillaria spp.) difficulty breathing in birds and high mortality Make sure of proper hygiene in the house

So, proper hygiene is required in the house for controlling all types of diseases in birds.

Points to Be Consider In Commercial Quail Farming Business Plan For Beginners

However, follow the following instruction to attain a good profit from the quail farming business plan.

quail farming for begginers

  1. Always keep it clean and dry
  2. Ensure proper flow of fresh air and adequate light
  3. Try to keep differently aged separately
  4. Removed the infected and diseased birds from the healthy birds
  5. Provide protection for all types of natural predators such as dogs, cats, snakes, etc.
  6. Feed in enough amount along with clean and fresh water, depending on their daily need
  7. Buried the dead ones under the soil at some depth.

Marketing of Products

There is no need of bother more about the marketing of quail products; eggs and meat because of taste and high nutritional content in them, there is great market demand for the quail products in the local as well international market.

Presently, quail eggs and meat are easily sellable at any corner throughout the world. However, for receiving a big profit from this business, there is need of a good marketing strategy in this business plan.