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Terrace Farming Inca Process, Profit and cultivation guide

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Frequently, a question strikes your mind that What is Terrace farming Inca? or What is important and advantages of using terrace farming? So, today I am here with an article from which you can find everything related to the Terrace farming, in India, its perfect Definition, importance and the advantages of using it and also the terrace farming Inca.

Basically, the method of farming in the mountainous region which is initially invented by the Inca people. Inca people peoples live in Mountains of South American. However, Terracing or step farming is an excellent gift to us from those peoples. As this help us to operate farming on the hilly or mountainous region even there are lots of slopes. Most of the Asian countries like Philippines, Indonesia, Vietnam, and some more are using this method of technique, terracing for producing RICE on mountains or hilly area.

Terrace farming inca

What does it mean to¬†terrace farming Inca or¬†Inca irrigation?¬†In the old English,¬†“lynch” (lynched)¬†is also referred as a terrace. In this, water¬†is delivered from a river with help of canals along a terrace and this method is initially started and used by the people of UK in a steep & hilly region. For an example, Lyme Regis; the ancient Lynch Mill.

A rice terrace, located in the Philippine’s Cordilleras has been known and popular as one of UNESCO World Heritage Site. With help of this method of farming, terracing or step farming is also used to grow Maize and potatoes. This method, farming on the terrace is commonly used by many islands like Canary Island because they have hilly terrains only.

Let us learn what is terrace farming Inca?

What is Terrace Farming Inca?

Did you¬†What is the perfect definition¬†of terrace farming? NO, don’t worry, below I had defined it perfectly for you.

Terrace farming definition; Terracing is a method of farming in the mountains or hilly region where it is not easy to make cultivation. This method of farming is an¬†exclusive gift from the Inca culture to the new generation. It is also known as step farming;¬†a sort of¬†farming¬†that consists of several “steps” or platforms that were developed in numerous places around the world by the local.

Basically, the method of producing crops on the sides of mountains or hills with the help of graduated steps or terraces builds into the slopes. As this method of farming is labor intensive but has been employed effectively to maximize the growable land area, in variable terrains. It is mainly operated to reduce soil erosion and water loss.

Terrace farming rice cultivation

Mostly, in this technique of farming on the terrace, terraces are low, a smooth ridge of earth built across the slope with a channel for runoff water just above the ridge. Usually, terraces are created on a slight slope so that the water grabbed in the canal or channel moves slowly approaching the terrace outlet.

Usually, this farming method is used in those areas where soils are able to take in water readily and rainfall is relatively low. In the Philippines, Japan, China, and other areas of Oceania and Southeast Asia and around the Mediterranean like in parts of Africa and in the Andes of South America for centuries this method of terracing has practiced a well.

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Now, friend! moves ahead to the importance of using terrace farming method.

Importance of Terrace Farming

What is the importance of terracing? It is the terrace farming that helps us to make farming on the sloppy hills or Mountains where it is not too easy to farm with the help of graduated terrace constructed on the slopes. So, it is an important agricultural method which helps us to cultivate on those sloppy region parts of the world as possible.

The absence of terracing may cause to a huge unproductive and infertile area where this method is being operated. Mostly, this technique is used by the Asia in many parts and its needs to be explored in other portions of the world such as America, Africa, and other portions of the Asia that are not still taking advantages of it.

Besides this, it is also able to transform the moistened and unused land into productive fields. And is also helpful in attending a great food security in the world by increasing the productive area and also in maintaining soil nutrient content in the fields.

Terrace Farming Inca; How does it work?

As mention earlier in this topic, this is a method of farming, in which¬†“steps”¬†also known as terrace are used. Those steps are constructed onto the sloppy region of¬†hills and¬†mountains.

With the help of this farming, it is able to use the rain water instead of flowing it away from the nutritive land, by planting or farming on the sloppy areas and then is directed to flow down to the next step or terrace.

Terrace farming inca

In this method of farming on the terrace, each and every step has an outlet, which helps the water to flow down to the next one and so on. By this, one can manage some land dry letting the remaining wet. So, that an effective production can be obtained. By using this method of farming on the terrace, you can grow many crop others than the maize & rice in the sloppy hilly areas.

Types of Terracing

There are two types of terracing known as graded terracing and level terracing.

Grade terrace; In this method of terracing, a terrace should have a variable or uniform slope along its elongated length, use to dispatch excessive water flow at safe velocity into the vegetated canal or waterway.

Level terrace; In this method of terracing, a level terrace following the counter line is used in control to the graded yards. This terracing is advisable to follow in those regions which have porous soil.

What is Step Farming?

Step farming is not a difference from the terrace farming Inca.¬†It is a type of¬†farming¬†that consists of several “steps” or platforms that were developed in numerous countries all around the world. It records back to 2000 years ago, really a great history for any farming method!!!

Terrace farming step farming

Advantages and Disadvantages of Terrace Farming

Each and every farming has it some benefits along with its limitation. So, likewise other methods of farming, terrace farming also has its advantages and disadvantages of it. Let us have a look on the advantages of using terrace farming.

Advantages of Terrace Farming

Here below is a list of the advantages of using terrace farming. Learn them.

  1. Terrace farming restricts the wash away of nutrients from the fertile soil by the rain water. Which cause to good and healthy crop and higher production.
  2. Terracing also helps in preventing the washing away of plants because of heavy flows of rain water. Sometimes, in the hilly area, rain water washed away the complete crops, cause to low crop production.
  3. Terracing also helps us in reducing the water loss and soil erosion of your farm.
  4. The major and significant advantage of terrace farming is that makes us able to do farming on the sloppy and hilly region where it is not too easy to cultivate.
  5. It also transforms the infertile land area to productive and fertile land. You can farm Maize, Rice and some more crops on the terrace.
  6. Usually, in hilly areas, there is less chance of farming as less water available. But with the help of this method, people use the rain water for cultivation and produce a lot from the commercial crop like Rice and Maize.

That’s all about the advantages or benefits of using this farming method.

Terrace farming in china

Disadvantages of Terrace Farming

Besides the advantages, every system also has some limitation. Like wise, the method of farming on terrace also has some limitation, which is mention below.

  1. Besides its plenty of benefits, terracing can lead to rainwater saturation. This is dangerous because of, In the hilly area there are high rains causing to an overflow of water and sometimes the flow becomes too dangerous that it can wash anything with it.
  2. It does not manage well than terracing may result in mudslides.
  3. Farming on terrace requires labor intensive method as it there requires labor constructing and managing that terrace from sloppy land.
  4. Following this method require much initial investment in the beginning only as there require labors to prepare and manage your terrace.
  5. Because of leaching process, it can lead to the reduction in the soil quality.

So, always take care of all those advantages and disadvantages of terracing if you are planning to go for farming with this.

Final Words

Hey, guys! this is a divine gift from the Inca culture to us, so farming by the terracing method is a good thing and also advantageous. However, it has its own limitation. It is also known as step farming by the local. Since farming in the hilly region is not easy but it the terracing which makes us able to cultivate on those sloppy regions. An absence of it can lead a huge unproductive area as it also helps in managing the nutrient content in your soil.

So, there is great need to explore this technique in the world as possible by us.

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