What are some agricultural activities


Agricultural production includes these activities:

  • Agriculture: cultivating soil; planting; raising, and harvesting crops; rearing, feeding, and managing animals
  • Aquaculture: raising private aquatic animals (fish)
  • Floriculture: growing flowering plants
  • Horticulture: growing fruits, vegetables, and plants
  • Maple syrup harvesting
  • Silviculture: growing and caring for fresh trees
Agricultural Production Activities
  • Agriculture: cultivating soil; planting; raising, and harvesting crops; rearing, feeding, and managing animals.
  • Aquaculture: raising private aquatic animals (fish)
  • Floriculture: growing flowering plants.
  • Horticulture: growing fruits, vegetables, and plants.
  • Maple syrup harvesting.
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What are the different types of agricultural activity?

Different types of agricultural activity. Quick revise. Use an atlas to locate the many places named in this section. There are many different types of agricultural activity including: • commercial farming, e.g. dairy farming in Worcestershire, cereal crops in France and plantation agriculture, e.g. west coast of Malaysia for oil palm and tea.

What are Agri-agricultural activities?

Agricultural activities encompass the various processes we use to grow crops and raise livestock for food for human populations. Crops are also used for industrial processes, for example, palm oil is used in many products from frying oil to cosmetics, sugar cane waste is used for biofuel, and cotton is used for textiles.

How should students use their agricultural related items for this activity?

Students should use their 100 agriculturally related items for this activity. Create a 100- row chart with 3 columns. Label the columns: Item, Estimated Weight, and Actual Weight. As a class, predict the weight for each set of items. Write the predictions

What are the examples of agriculture industry?

29 Examples of the Agriculture Industry. Traditional Agriculture. Agriculture based on traditional and cultural practices as opposed to the latest in technology. This is still practiced by … Terrace Farming. Slash & Burn. Sharecropping. Intensive Farming.


What are examples of agricultural activities?

Some of the operations involved are ploughing, sowing, irrigation, weeding and harvesting. The outputs from the system include crops, wool, dairy and poultry products. Farming is practised in various ways across the world.

What is an agricultural activity?

(1) “Agricultural activity” means a condition or activity which occurs on a farm in connection with the commercial production of farm products and includes, but is not limited to, marketed produce at roadside stands or farm markets; noise; odors; dust; fumes; operation of machinery and irrigation pumps; movement, …

What are the 7 types of agricultural practices?

Soil preparation, sowing, manuring, irrigation, weeding, harvesting, and storage are the seven steps of agriculture practices.

What are the three types of activities in agriculture?

The following are the different types of agricultural activities worldwide:Shifting Cultivation. Shifting cultivation is commonly practiced in the tropics. … Nomadic Herding. … Rudimentary Sedentary Tillage. … Livestock Ranching/Pastoral Farming. … Commercial Plantations. … Mixed Farming. … Specialized Horticulture. … Subsistence Farming.More items…

What are the five agricultural activities?

The followings are forms of agricultural activities in the communities that different people involve in:Cultivation and growing of crops.Rearing of livestock.Rearing of fish (fishery)Salving of farm produce.Horticulture.Rearing of snail/Heliculture.Apiculture/bee keeping.

What are the 4 types of agriculture?

There exist four main branches of agriculture, namely;Livestock production.Crop production.agricultural economics.agricultural engineering.

What are the 11 types of agriculture?

Top 11 Types of Agricultural PracticesPastoral Farming.Arable Farming.Shifting Agriculture.Mixed Farming.Nomadic Agriculture.Sedentary Agriculture.Subsistence Farming.Commercial Agriculture.More items…•

What are the main types of agriculture?

What are the different types of agriculture?Wet farming.Dry farming.Subsistence farming.Terrace Agriculture.Intensive Agriculture.Shifting Agriculture.Extensive Agriculture.Plantation Agriculture.More items…

Are the activities used for cultivation of crops?

Answer. Answer: Without these activities, a crop can’t be grown. The main steps for agricultural practices include preparation of soil, sowing, adding manure and fertilizers, irrigation, harvesting and storage.

What are the 8 types of farming?

#2. Shifting Agriculture:#3. Plantation Agriculture:#4. Intensive Farming:#5. Dry Agriculture:#6. Mixed and Multiple Agriculture:#7. Crop Rotation:#8. Terrace Cultivation:

What are the 2 main types of agriculture?

Today, there are two divisions of agriculture, subsistence and commercial, which roughly correspond to the less developed and more developed regions.

What is agriculture?

Agriculture involves rearing of animals and crop cultivation. Agriculture aims at providing enough, healthy food to feed the population worldwide. Different types of agricultural activities are practiced in different regions across the world. Factors such as climate affect the type of agricultural activity a farmer can practice.

Why is agriculture important?

Agriculture involves plants and animals breeding and land cultivation to offer fiber, food and medicine. It also provides other products necessary for life enhancement and sustenance. During the sedentary human civilization, agriculture was a critical aspect of development.

What are the factors that affect the type of agriculture?

Factors such as climate affect the type of agricultural activity a farmer can practice. Types of agricultural activities include subsistence farming, nomadic herding, commercial plantation, livestock rearing, etc. Agriculture involves plants and animals breeding and land cultivation to offer fiber, food and medicine.

How long does shifting cultivation last?

Shifting cultivation is commonly practiced in the tropics. It involves forest clearance through burning and slashing. The cleared land is cultivated until its fertility declines, or for three to five years or until native flora and weeds overtake it. When that happens, farmers abandon the land for a fallow period and clear another forest area for cultivation.

How many people rely on agriculture for sustenance?

However, more than 2 billion people worldwide rely on subsistence agriculture for sustenance.

What is commercial plantation farming?

Also known as tree crop farming, industrialized agriculture or plantation farming, commercial plantations cover large land areas. Even if practiced on a smaller piece of land, the activity has a high commercial value. It involves the cultivation of tropical crops such as tea, rubber, coffee, coconut, cocoa, grapes, apples, spices, oranges, avocado, mangoes and palm oil.

What are the crops grown in the Mediterranean?

Mediterranean agriculture involves the rearing of animals and growing of crops in the rugged, Mediterranean terrain. Small animals and crops such as citrus fruits, vineyards and wheat are the crops mainly grown in the region.

Examples of Agricultural activities in a sentence

Agricultural activities involving tillage of soil greater than forty thousand (40,000) square feet in surface area, within the shoreland zone shall require a Conservation Plan to be filed with the Planning Board.

More Definitions of Agricultural activities

Agricultural activities means those activities conducted on lands defined in RCW 84.34.020 (2), and those activities involved in the production of crops or livestock, for example, the operation and maintenance of farm and stock ponds or drainage ditches, operation and maintenance of ditches, irrigation drainage ditches, changes between agricultural activities and normal maintenance, repair or operation of existing serviceable structures, facilities or improved areas.

Examples of Agricultural activity in a sentence

Agricultural activity is often exposed to climatic, disease and other natural risks.

More Definitions of Agricultural activity

Agricultural activity means the growing, raising, or production of horticultural or viticultural crops, berries, poultry, livestock, grain, mint, hay, and dairy products.

What is the agriculture industry?

The agriculture industry is the sector of the economy that produces livestock, poultry, fish and crops. This is a vital industry that is important to the food security of every nation and region. It is also a significant sector of the economy that includes a large number of small businesses. The following are common components …

What is ranching in agriculture?

Ranching. A type of livestock operation that involves moving livestock such as cows, elk or bison to different grazing lands. This has benefits for ecosystems such as grasslands that naturally had herds of large grazing animals. It also can have benefits for animal welfare.

What is farming fish?

The farming of fish and other aquatic organisms such as crustaceans and aquatic plants in controlled conditions.

What is terrace farming?

Terrace Farming. An ancient method of farming hills and mountains whereby a series of flat areas are built into a slope. When it rains, water and nutrients flow from one flat area to the next down the slope. Terrance farming requires extensive infrastructure that is typically built up over many generations.

Why is extensive farming important?

This can have advantages in areas such as animal welfare. Extensive farming can also produce food at low cost on land that isn’t very useful such as arid land or mountainous regions. For example, farms in Switzerland that raise pigs on relatively unusable steep rocky slopes where pigs thrive.

How does agriculture affect the environment?

The agriculture industry has a significant impact on the environment. Agriculture uses a great deal of resources including land and water and produces much pollution. As such, there is an opportunity for farming practices to be improved to have a positive impact on people and planet.In the broadest sense, the list above could be expanded to include industries that support the agricultural industry such as agrochemical, farm machinery, biotechnology and food processing industries.

How does a carbon farm help the planet?

A farm that stores carbon in the soil using techniques such as biochar. This has potential to store carbon in a stable state for thousands of years. Giving farmers incentives to store carbon may be part of a solution to global warming. However, this needs to be carefully considered because it may have side effects such as increasing the cost of food or encouraging nonsensical behavior such as burning down forests to build carbon farms that store less carbon.

What is fish farming?

Fish Farming. Fish farming is also a growing sector of the agriculture – or in this case, aquaculture – industry. The process requires raising fish in large tanks or enclosures. See Also: Best Business Idea Articles for Entrepreneurs.

What is another fruit based product that you could potentially make and sell at farmers markets or other venues?

Juice is another popular fruit based product that you could potentially make and sell at farmers’ markets or other venues.

What herbs can you grow at home?

Herbs like basil, parsley and mint can make for great agriculture products. So you can grow it at your home or farm and sell it.

Why do gardeners use butterflies?

Gardeners can often use butterflies to aid in their growing processes and aesthetics. So you could start your own butterfly colony and target gardening customers.

What is another substance that can be used in a variety of different products?

Soy is another popular substance that can be used in a variety of different products. So if you can harvest and process it, you can sell it to companies for various uses.

What to do if you don’t have a farm?

If you don’t have your own farm but still want to build a business centered around planting crops, you could start your own planting service and work with other farmers or growers in your area.

Can you farm livestock if you don’t have enough space?

Even if you don’t have enough space to actually farm livestock, you can still contribute to the industry by manufacturing feed for livestock.


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