What country exports the most agricultural products


Of the major cereal and vegetable crops, the United States, China, India, and Russia are the top producers. The United States is the top exporter of agricultural products with $118.3 billion in exports as of 2019. To increase agricultural productivity, developed countries are turning to genetically modified seeds to increase yields.

The United States


What country has the highest agricultural production?

Which country has the highest agricultural production?

  • Plantation farming. Tree crop production is another name for plantation farming. …
  • Shifting cultivation. When lands lose fertility, shifting systems depart them for some time to explore new regions. …
  • Mixed farming. Mixed farming is an agricultural farming practice in which a farmer simultaneously grows crops and raises animals on the same piece of land.

What are the top ten agricultural countries?

Top 10 Agricultural Exporters

  • USA. Although China is the largest agricultural producer overall, the USA exports the most produce. …
  • Netherlands. Surprisingly, in second place, the Netherlands is a relatively small country. …
  • Germany. Germany is a large re-export, however, their industry comprises of cereals, dairy, beef and sugar beets.
  • Brazil. …
  • France. …
  • China. …
  • Spain. …
  • Canada. …
  • Belgium. …
  • Italy. …

What agricultural crop is the most exported from the US?

  • There are 2 million U.S. …
  • The 3% that are very large dominate the industry.
  • Large farms rely on industrial agriculture to produce food at a very low cost.
  • Around 75% of the industry’s revenue is from sales of meat and feed for the animals that produce it.
  • Sustainable agriculture doesn’t degrade the natural resources needed for future farming.
  • The U.S. …

Which country is best for agriculture?

  • Australia
  • New Zealand
  • USA
  • Canada
  • Netherland

Which country has the largest export market?

Following are the countries that have the largest export market when it comes to agriculture. 10. Italy. Italy has a very suitable climate for raising certain crops such as corn, beets, rice and wheat. Fruit trees and vegetables include apples, oranges, grapes and olives in excess production.

Which country produces the most crops?

China. China is a remarkable country when it comes to agricultural production. China is the chief producer of crops like rice, wheat, cabbage, spinach, cucumbers and whatnot and even with the crops like soybean and corn where it isn’t the best, the country comes in at the top most of the time.

What is the second largest export in the world?

Netherlands became the second largest export nation when it comes to agri food exports. Its total exports equal $94 billion. Out of that $85 billion are the agricultural products while $9 billion comprise agricultural material, knowledge and tech exports. Around $24 billion of the total exports in Netherlands comes from re-exports where imports are refined, processed and exported again.

What are the main crops of Canada?

Crops like rye, oat and other grain crops are a staple of Canada’s export economy as well as canola seed, lentils and other legumes. Canada’s exports for agriculture were $49 billion last year. 7. Spain.

What are the main exports of Brazil?

Its exports are mainly the things it produces with dairy, wheat, beef, poultry and pork exports being the largest. Its total exports come to $74 billion. 4. Brazil. Brazil is the largest producer and exporter of coffee which is one of the most widely used beverage grains in the world.

Which country has the second largest agricultural production?

The USA is the second largest agricultural nation when it comes to total production after China. The USA is the largest producer of corn and among the largest producers of soybean, wheat, oats, tomatoes and other produce including some of the spices. The USA has a very sophisticated agricultural industry, and it does more than well regarding production to easily export huge bulks of certain products because of which it had over $150 billion in export last year.

Which country has the largest chocolate exports?

Belgium also has one of the largest economies for chocolate exports which is also factored in the agri-food exports. 8. Canada. Canada is one of the biggest countries in the world where people have enormous lands for crop production.

Which country has the highest agricultural exports?

With a surface area of 3.29 million square miles, Brazil is the fifth-largest country in the world, so it’s not surprising that it is also one of the countries with the highest agricultural exports in the world. The country is taking advantage of the resources and relies heavily on agriculture for economic growth. Among its main exports are coffee, soybeans, corn, raw sugar, and poultry meat, which amass nearly 60% of its total exports.

Which country has the largest exports?

China is the largest exporter in the world, with exports worth $2.40 trillion. This makes its agricultural exports tiny by comparison, though still ranking it sixth among the 11 countries with the highest agricultural exports in the world. China is also one of the largest food producers in the world, though its large population and a shortage of farm land mean that it still has to import grain and other land-extensive crops. The main items exported by China are animal products, such as hides, fish, molluscs, and crustaceans.

What are the major agricultural exports of the United States?

Some of the top agricultural companies are headquartered in the U.S, such as Monsanto Company (NYSE: MON ), the largest seed producer, and Deere & Company (NYSE: DE) and Caterpillar Inc. (NYSE: CAT), two of the leading manufacturers of farming equipment. The leading U.S agricultural exports are grains, soybeans, livestock, and horticultural products. The United States’ main export destinations are Canada, China, Mexico, and the European Union. Moreover, the U.S is the leader in agricultural innovation, which also makes it one of the top exporters of agriculture-related technology.

How much of France’s GDP is agriculture?

Agriculture contributes around 3% of France’s GDP and employs under 4% of the labor force. However, France is recognized globally for its agricultural products, especially its wine, which unsurprisingly amass 13% of its food exports. Hard liquor, animal food, raw sugar, and water are other top products exported by France.

What are the main agricultural products of Germany?

Nevertheless, Germany is the home of BASF, one of the 11 biggest agricultural companies in the world, which produces farming and crop protection products, as well as products for forestry and woodland management. Among the main agricultural products exported by Germany are chocolate, baked goods, and rolled tobacco.

How can biotechnology help farmers?

Sensors and drones are widely used to analyze fields and identify the need for fertilization, to identify infestations with weeds and parasites, and even fix these problems automatically, which makes farming less labor intensive. Biotechnology is also helping to improve output through making more efficient crops, thus eliminating the need for more land.

How does food production affect the world?

Food production is facing many issues and if demand is set to increase, these issues must be addressed. One of them is the migration of populations from rural to urban areas. The FAO estimates that 2/3’s of the world population will live in cities by 2050, which will result in fewer people being available to work in agriculture. Climate change is also affecting crop and livestock production. The recent hurricane Irma, which disrupted farming in Florida, is one of the latest examples. In addition, higher food demand might lead to the need for more natural resources like land and water, which would require more deforestation.

Which country produces the most rice?

It probably won’t surprise readers that China is the leading worldwide producer of rice, but it’s also the leading producer of wheat and the number two producer of corn, as well as the largest producer of many vegetables including onions and cabbage.

Which countries are the top producers of cereals?

Of the major cereal and vegetable crops, the United States, China, India, and Russia frequently appear as top producers. It probably won’t surprise readers …

Why do farmers use genetically modified seeds?

This has led many countries and farmers to turn to genetically modified seeds to increase yields and reduce the need for costly (and potentially polluting) fertilizer and herbicides.

Why is agriculture important?

This makes agriculture one of the largest and most significant industries in the world; agricultural productivity is important not only for a country’s balance of trade but the security and health of its population as well.

Where is millet grown?

Millet is a major crop in much of Africa and Asia, and India and Nigeria are the leading producers. Likewise, barley, rye and beans/pulses are not that important within the United States but are crucial crops in countries like Russia, Germany, and India.

Which countries have the most staples?

When it comes to the staples that feed the world (rice, corn, wheat, beans, lentils and animal proteins), countries like the United States, Germany, Canada, Brazil and Thailand feature more prominently.

Does every country want to increase its agricultural productivity?

Almost every country wants to increase its agricultural productivity, but how they intend to go about that varies greatly with the country or region in question.

Which country exports cereals?

India also exports cereals and cereal preparations that includes biscuits, corn flakes, bread, etc. India exported 340873.188 MT of cereal preparations to the world in FY 2016-17 with the profit of Rs 3572.61 crores. USA, UAE, Nepal, etc. are the top most importer of cereal preparations from India.

Which country exports the most Basmati rice?

India is a leading exporter of Basmati rice to the world. In FY 2016-17, India exported 400480 MT of Basmati rice of price Rs 21605 crores. Saudi Arabia, UAE, Iran, Iraq and Kuwait have been the largest importer of Indian Basmati rice that accounts to nearly 45%.

How much ground nut did India export in 2016?

India exported a total of 725703.35 MT of ground nut to the world in 2016-17 that earned India Rs 544433 lakhs. Indonesia was the largest importer of Indian Ground nut 185902 MT costing Rs 144495 lakhs. Vietnam, Pakistan, Philippines, etc. are the other top exporters.

How much did India export in 2017?

Processed Vegetable export from India from April to December 2017 was $197 million which has saw 3.9% growth in comparison to last year for the same period. India pushed more on processed vegetables rather than fresh vegetables because fresh veg saw a fall in export while processed veg export in taking lead.

Where is wheat produced?

India is the 2 nd largest producer of wheat in the world. Wheat is mainly produced in the Northern India. India exported 265909.25 MT of wheat to the world at the cost of Rs 448.4 crores in the FY 2016-17. United Kingdom, Somalia, Nepal, UAE and Bangladesh are the top importers of Indian wheat.

Where is cocoa made?

Cocoa and its products are basically produced in Southern India like Karnataka, Kerala, Tamil Nadu and Andhra Pradesh. India exported 25700.18 MT of cocoa product to the world gaining Rs 1089.99 crores for the FY 2016-17. Hong Kong, Saudi Arabia, United States and UAE are the top importers of cocoa products from India.

How much will agriculture grow in 2022?

According to the 2018 Economical Survey, agriculture is set to grow at 2.1% . Prime Minister Narendra Modi recently announced that his government is making policies to ensure that by the year 2022, the income of farmers see a double growth. The major method to do so is to boost agriculture exports.

What are the products of agriculture?

Agricultural products cover the following commodity categories: 1 Food and live animals: Live animals other than animals of division 03 2 Meat and meat preparations 3 Dairy products and birds’ eggs 4 Fish, crustaceans, molluscs, and preparations thereof 5 Cereals and cereal preparations 6 Vegetables and fruits 7 Sugar, sugar preparations and honey 8 Coffee, tea, cocoa, spices, and manufactures thereof 9 Feedstuff for animals (excluding unmilled cereals) 10 Miscellaneous edible products and preparations

What is an agriculture data brief?

The Agriculture Data Brief spans land use, machinery, and fertilizers to agricultural production, trade, and forecasts, providing you with the latest data and insights developed using recognized data sources to support your analysis.

Which country is the largest exporter of agricultural products?

Canada remains the top destination for U.S. agricultural exports in 2018. Canada remained the largest market for U.S. agricultural exports in 2018, followed by Mexico, the European Union, Japan, and China. Before 2018, China had been the largest or second largest market for agricultural goods each year since 2008.

What were the main agricultural exports in 2015?

Meanwhile, U.S. imports grew, but at a slower pace than in previous years. The leading U.S. exports are grains/feeds, soybeans, livestock products, and horticultural products.

How much did soybean exports grow in 2018?

Export growth was hampered by reduced exports to Asia, particularly for soybean exports. Imports grew by 6 percent in 2018 to $129 billion. Imports have grown at a faster rate than exports since 2016, driven in part by strong domestic economic growth.

How much was the agricultural trade surplus in 2018?

These shifts in U.S. agricultural trade produced a trade surplus in 2018 of $10.9 billion, the smallest surplus since 2006.

How much of the world’s GDP is agriculture?

A growth in agriculture is said to be 200% more effective in increasing prosperity and income than any other sector. While it has accounted for 4% of world GDP, for some countries the percentage has been as huge as 25% of their total GDP.

What is the main agricultural product in Peru?

Peru is one of the world’s leading producers of quinoa and there are almost 3000 varieties of potatoes that are produced in the country. Grapes are another main agricultural product.

What is agriculture industry?

The agriculture industry combines agricultural production with theories of marketing – where distribution channels and exports come into play. While over the years scientific advancement has aided production, the costs pertaining to development of a value chain have increased owing to a focus on marketing.

What are the main crops in South Korea?

Barley, corn and soybean are some of the important crops in South Korea. The country is also known for its production and market for Ginseng.

What is Moldova’s main export?

12% of Moldova’s GDP is derived from agriculture. Fruits and nuts form the major part of the exports in the country.

What is South Africa known for?

South Africa is also well-known for its quality exports of grapes, fruit wine and sugarcane. Click to continue reading and see the Top 10 Agricultural Producing Countries in the World. Disclosure: Top 25 Agricultural Producing Countries in the World is originally published on Insider Monkey. Loading…

What are the main crops in Belarus?

The leading crops in the country are cash crops like grapes, cotton, tobacco, citrus fruits, and vegetables. Agriculture forms a solid part of the economy. 21. Belarus. Total Production in 2019 – 0.37 million metric tonnes. More than 40% of the country’s land is dedicated farmland.

Which country has the highest surplus in fertilizer?

Russia generated the highest surplus in the international trade of fertilizers. In turn, this positive cashflow confirms Russia ’s strong competitive advantage for this specific product category. Opportunities. The following countries posted the highest negative net exports for fertilizers during 2019.

How much fertilizer will be exported in 2020?

Fertilizers exported by all countries totaled US$54.9 billion in 2020, up by 14.1% for all shippers of fertilizers over the five-year period starting in 2016.

What is net export?

Investopedia defines net exports as the value of a country’s total exports minus the value of its total imports. Thus, the statistics below present the surplus between the value of each country’s exported fertilizers and its import purchases for that same commodity.

What percentage of fertilizers are nitrogen based?

As for different types of exported fertilizers, about three-quarters (75.5%) were nitrogen-based. Potassic fertilizers represent 20.7% compared to phosphatic fertilizers at 2.1%. Excluding those mineral or chemical fertilizer subcategories, the other type was animal or vegetable fertilizers which accounted for the remaining 1.7%.


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  • It should not be too surprising that countries like China and India feature prominently on the lists of top agricultural producers; these countries have large populations and internal food security (that is, producing enough to feed a nation’s population from internal resources) is a major priority. A great deal of this production is used internall…

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How Will The World Make More?

  • Almost every country wants to increase its agricultural productivity, but how they intend to go about that varies greatly with the country or region in question. In countries like the U.S., Canada, and Western Europe, there is very little land allowed to go to waste, and infrastructure like roads are well-developed. Likewise, irrigation is widespread, and farmers use fertilizer extensively. Thi…

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  • Although agriculture is no longer a major employer in North America or Europe, and food security is not a preeminent problem for most citizens, it is still a globally vital industry.9 As investors saw a few years ago, bad weather and low inventories quickly led the prices of many food commodities to soar and led to riots and political disturbances in many countries.10On a more …

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