What documents are required to buy agricultural land in karnataka

Checklist for purchasing agricultural land in Karnataka/Bangalore

  1. Mother/Parental Deed – to trace the origin of the property
  2. Relevant conveyance deeds
  3. Grant Certificate, if any
  4. Family trees (if required)
  5. Relevant mutations records
  6. Record of Rights
  7. Survey map
  8. Village map
  9. Agarband, Tippani
  10. Index of land

More items…


What are the requirements to buy land in Karnataka?

The person should be an agriculturist or an agricultural worker by profession. As per Section 79A of the Karnataka Land Reforms Act 1961, the non-agricultural income of a purchaser who must be an agriculturist should not exceed Rs 2 lakhs per year. Sale of land granted to members of scheduled caste and tribe is not allowed.

Can a non-farming family own agricultural land in Karnataka?

Non-farming families are not allowed to possess agricultural land in Karnataka. Karnataka has removed Section 79B, allowing anybody from a non-farming Indian family to buy agricultural property in the state. Individuals are restricted to 10 units of agricultural land.

How to buy Agri-land in Karnataka?

Agricultural land can be bought in Karnataka after fulfilling certain requirements. The annual average income of the person including agricultural income should be less than Rs 2 lakhs. The person must have had an agricultural land in his name before the year 1974.

What is the value of 1 acre of land in Karnataka?

In Karnataka in particular, the value of 1 acre of land is determined by various factors such as its location, fertility, topography, etc. Approximately, 1 acre of agricultural land in Karnataka is worth Rs. Rs 30-40 lakh. However, land prices may vary in some parts of the state.

When did the Karnataka government remove limitations on non agriculturalists to buy agricultural land

The limitations were removed in 2020. A common person can also buy agricultural land.

Who has ownership of agricultural land in Karnataka?

The District Commissioner has ownership of agricultural land.

Who is a non-agriculturist in Karnataka?

A person without any agricultural land in Karnataka or if the individual’s annual income from non-agricultural activities was more than two lakhs p…

What are the essential documents required to buy agricultural land?

Sale deed, land title deed, stamp duty, property registration documents, Encumbrance Certificate, survey records, Village map and more.

Is it compulsory to start agricultural activity on the land

Yes, it is mandatory to start agricultural activity on agricultural land within one year of buying a property.

Buying Agricultural Land in Karnataka

Hi, I would like to receive your expert advice on buy Agricultural Land in Karnataka. I read couple of Q&A regarding same topic but i am still confused. I am a Bangalorean and I am very interested to buy 5 acre of land and start agriculture. Everyone in my family Father Mother, their parents on both the side were in Agriculture.

14 Answers

Since you hail from an agriculture background, go to the village where your parents were cultivating, contact the Village Panchayath office and obtain an Agriculture Certificate from there in your parents name (if both are alive) produce this to the D.C (will be determined depending on where the land you wish to purchase is located).

Buying agricultural land in Karnataka

Hello, I want to buy around 20 acres agricultural land in hassan Karnataka. I am currently running my own business and filling ITR in excess of 10 lacs per annum and I do not own any agricultural land.

10 Answers

See in Karnataka there are two ways to by land either you are agriculturist then you can simple buy agriculture land upto the ceiling limit if non agriculturist then you have to buy land by provision of 79 A and 80 as amended in Karnatka land Reform Act under this any person who is non agriculturist having family income less than 25 lack can with permission from deputy commissioner can buy the agriculture land..

Buying agriculture land in karnataka

I have an issue with Revenue department officer.
I am being from Agriculture family , my father has agriculture land in his name, and also I myself has agriculture land (3.5 Acre) in my name.
Now I have purchased 5 gunta agriculture land (value as per sale deed is Rs.

The articles originaly publisher on Aug 14th 2005 in Economics Times

Agricultural land can be bought in Karnataka after fulfilling certain requirements.

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