What does general agriculture mean


The General Agriculture program prepares students to obtain an education with courses from a diversity of ag related disciplines. This degree will require students to take courses in livestock production, range management, horticulture, ag economics, and science.


What does agriculture mean?

Cultivating a piece of land, or planting and growing food plants on it, is largely what agriculture means. Raising animals for meat or milk also falls under the category of agriculture.

What is the meaning of general farmer?

general farmer. noun. : a farmer producing several commodities none of which represents as much as 40 percent of the total value of the products of the farm. You must — there are over 200,000 words in our free online dictionary, but you are looking for one that’s only in the Merriam-Webster Unabridged Dictionary.

Is agriculture a business?

There can be no exact definition for everyone. Photo of a portion of a large pineapple plantation shows that agriculture is a business too It is admitted that no definition can be exacting for everybody and for all purposes.

How do you use agriculture in a sentence?

Examples of agriculture in a Sentence. They cleared the land to use it for agriculture. the forest was cut down, and the land given over to agriculture. Recent Examples on the Web. Menker said Gro’s platform is especially useful given how much agriculture is present throughout daily life.


Is General agriculture marketable in Kenya?

Yes, Agriculture is highly marketable in Kenya because agriculture produces food which is one of the major basic needs among human beings. You can sell your agricultural produce locally or export abroad.

Is agriculture a good course in Zambia?

The world bank in 2013, has declared Zambia’s increase in GDP. The agricultural sector comprises crops, livestock, and fisheries as a result of which it has generated almost 10% of Zambia’s foreign exchange earnings in 2011.

What is general agriculture course in Kenya?

About General Agriculture programme This General Agriculture Certificate programme is designed to equip the trainee with relevant knowledge, skills and attitudes to enable him/her to work in an agricultural establishment and related industries.

What is a class in agriculture?

Agricultural education teaches students about agriculture, food and natural resources. Through these subjects, agricultural educators teach students a wide variety of skills, including science, math, communications, leadership, management and technology.

How many years study in general agriculture?

The School offers undergraduate majors of five-year duration leading to the Degree Bachelor of Agricultural Sciences. These include: Agricultural Economics, Agricultural Extension, Animal Science, Plant Science, Soil Science, Food Science and Technology, and Human Nutrition.

Which agriculture course is best in Zambia?

Home. NRDC is Zambia’s top agricultural college. The college offers various programs of study as well as tailor-made short courses that can be conducted on request.

What can I do with a general agriculture diploma?

A degree in General Agriculture prepares you for an exciting career in business, industry, government, education, or research….Careers and OpportunitiesExtension Educator.Food Scientist.Biological Technician.Agriculture Science Technician.Farmer / Rancher.Landscape Manager.Agriculture Instructor.Farm Manager.

What do you study in general agriculture?

These include: Agricultural Economics, Agricultural Extension, Animal Science, Plant Science, Soil Science, Food Science and Technology, and Human Nutrition.

What are the requirements for general agriculture?

Institutions Offering Diploma in General AgricultureDuration 3 years.Minimum Entry requirement. -Mean Grade C- (Minus) at KCSE with at least D+ (Minus) in Biology and Chemistry Or KNEC Certificate in Technical Education from a recognized institution.Tuition Fees 30,000/= per semester.

What are the 4 types of agriculture?

There exist four main branches of agriculture, namely;Livestock production.Crop production.agricultural economics.agricultural engineering.

What are the types of agricultural education?

Classes taught in an agricultural education curriculum may include horticulture, land management, turf grass management, agricultural science, small animal care, machine and shop classes, health and nutrition, livestock management, and biology.

Which is the best agriculture course?

Top Agricultural Courses in IndiaM.Sc in Agronomy. … M.Sc in Plant Physiology. … M.Sc in Plant Biotechnology. … M.Sc in Seed Science and Technology. … M.Sc in Animal Husbandry. … M.Sc in Soil Science. … M.Sc. in Plant Pathology. … M.Sc in Sericulture. M.Sc in Sericulture is also a regular agricultural course offered in many Indian colleges.More items…•

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It is admitted that no definitioncan be exacting for everybody and for all purposes. Nevertheless, I find this elucidation on what is agriculture especially convenient is where its coverage is limited to crop production (agronomy and horticulture) and livestock production even knowing that some definitions include fisheries, forestr…

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