What is agricultural information system

Agricultural Information Systems: Information system in which agricultural information is generated, transformed, and consolidated with the intention of underpinning knowledge utilization by agricultural producers. E-Agriculture: The philosophy emphasizing on the need to transfer knowledge and experience in the use of ICT in agriculture.


What are the uses of Agricultural Information Systems?

They can also be used to develop suggestions to solve the common problems in agriculture information systems, to improve the policy programs, the extension1 and research activities, and to manage information on agriculture.

What is the agricultural knowledge system?

The system integrates farmers, agricultural educators, researchers and extensionists to harness knowledge and information from various sources for better farming and improved livelihoods. 5. Knowledge Triangle

What are the problems with the Agriculture Information System?

There are still problems in the agriculture information systems itself, in terms of planning extension activities, and the agricultural research–extension linkages are very weak. One way to overcome this problem may be to stop the over-differentiation between research and extension institutions (Ozkaya and Olgun, 1993).

How to betterment of Information Systems in agriculture?

To betterment of information systems in agriculture it is highly recommend to establish communication between farmers, coordinators, agricultural experts, research centers, and 10 fcommunity by information technology.

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