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Definition of Agricultural Workers

  • Cultivation and Tillage of the Soil. …
  • Dairying. …
  • Production, Cultivation and Growing. …
  • Harvesting. …
  • Raising of Livestock. …
  • Raising Furbearing Animals. …
  • Raising Poultry. …
  • Practices Incidental to Farming. …
  • Packinghouse Employees. …
  • Nursery and Landscaping Operations. …


What are 10 careers in agriculture?

Agricultural work. definition. Agricultural work or “ agricultural labor ” means all service performed: Agricultural work means the production or initial processing of crops, dairy products, poultry, or livestock, as well as the cultivation or harvesting of trees. It consists of work performed for wages or personal subsistence.

What is the minimum wage for agricultural workers?

What is Agricultural Work? Learn about agricultural work in the United States. This video provides information on where agricultural work takes place, statistics on state production levels, and demographics of workers. Feel free to utilize this video in …

What are the career options in agriculture?

 · What are agriculture careers? Agriculture careers are professionals paths related to farming, cultivation and animal husbandry. These career paths involve everything from growing crops and nurturing the soil to raising livestock like cattle, pigs and chickens.


What does agricultural worker mean?

Agricultural workers maintain crops and tend livestock. They perform physical labor and operate machinery under the supervision of farmers, ranchers, and other agricultural managers.

What does agricultural work include?

Agricultural work is a general concept, which means that land is used to grow crops, plants and livestock are cultivated to provide food for people and to provide raw materials for industries. It includes farming, forestry, pasturing, fishing, and sideline.

What does an agriculture do?

The Agriculture sectors comprise establishments primarily engaged in growing crops, raising animals, and harvesting fish and other animals from a farm, ranch, or their natural habitats.

What do you mean by agricultural?

Leveled by Agriculture is the art and science of cultivating the soil, growing crops and raising livestock. It includes the preparation of plant and animal products for people to use and their distribution to markets. Agriculture provides most of the world’s food and fabrics.

What are farmers 4 main jobs?

Their responsibilities can vary depending on their specialty, but common duties can include: Planting, fertilizing and harvesting plants. Feeding and herding groups of animals. Providing special diets and care for animals.

What kind of work do agricultural laborers do?

What kinds of work do agricultural labourers do? Answer: Wheat is cultivated in my region. The labourers ploughing the field, filling the fields with water, weeding and harvesting.

What are the 4 types of agriculture?

There exist four main branches of agriculture, namely;Livestock production.Crop production.agricultural economics.agricultural engineering.

What is an example of agriculture?

The definition of agriculture is the science, art and business of farming and ranching. Commercial farms and ranches which provide vegetables and meat to the general public are examples of agriculture.

What are the 2 types of agriculture?

Today, there are two divisions of agriculture, subsistence and commercial, which roughly correspond to the less developed and more developed regions. One of the most significant divisions between more and less developed regions is the way people obtain the food they need to survive.

What are the 3 types of agriculture?

Subsistence agriculture is often divided into three different types, including intensive subsistence, which is the traditional method, shifting cultivation, which relies on clearing forest to create new farm plots every few years and pastoral nomadism, which relies on traveling with herds of animals.

What is agricultural project?

Agricultural project means any project proposing agricultural uses such as commercial farming (e.g., row, field, tree, and nursery crop cultivation) or animal husbandry (e.g., cows, goats, and hogs).

Why agriculture is important in our life?

Agricultural biodiversity provides humans with food and raw materials for goods – such as cotton for clothing, wood for shelter and fuel, plants and roots for medicines, and materials for biofuels – and with incomes and livelihoods, including those derived from subsistence farming.


Examples of Agricultural work in a sentence

Agricultural work performed by women is not taken into account for purposes of calculating Togo’s gross domestic product, and the value of their domestic work is not counted either.

More Definitions of Agricultural work

Agricultural work means cultivation, fishery, forestry and animal husbandry.

What do agricultural workers do?

What does an Agricultural Worker do? An agricultural worker will typically do the following: – Harvest and inspect crops by hand . – Irrigate farm soil and maintain ditches, pipes and pumps.

What do animal breeders do?

Agricultural workers’ work can be difficult. To harvest fruits and vegetables by hand, workers frequently bend and crouch. They also lift and carry crops and tools.

What is an agriculture career?

Agriculture careers are professionals paths related to farming, cultivation and animal husbandry. These career paths involve everything from growing crops and nurturing the soil to raising livestock like cattle, pigs and chickens. Careers in agriculture also incorporate manufacturing, marketing and selling the products that result from crops …

What is a farm worker?

Some farm workers also assist with herding livestock and operating farm machinery and tools. Farm workers often perform general tasks, but some specialize in crops or livestock. 2. Grower.

What is the primary job of an agriculture specialist?

Primary duties: Agriculture specialists perform administrative support and clerical tasks that focus on a certain aspect of farming. Some agriculture specialists focus on storage, which requires them to work with farmers to develop high-performing crop and grain storage and inventory systems.

What is an engineering job?

Engineering jobs: Engineering roles involve using high-level science and math to solve complex problems. These professionals evaluate, design, test and install systems a range of equipment and systems. They also oversee manufacturing and maintenance processes. In the agriculture field, most engineers specialize in mechanical, …

What is labor job?

Labor jobs: These positions require workers to perform manual tasks such as planting, harvesting, caring for animals and maintaining equipment. Laborers often use specialized tools and machines to do their jobs, which require superior physical strength and stamina.

What are farmhands’ duties?

Primary duties: Also known as farmhands, farm workers perform essential manual labor tasks under the supervision of farmers and ranchers. They may harvest or inspect crops, assist with irrigation systems or apply fertilizer and pesticide to encourage crops to grow while controlling weeds and insects.

What are the duties of a grower?

Primary duties: Growers are responsible for raising crops, which involves managing their growing environment to keep them healthy. They plant seeds, fertilize and irrigate crops and devise schedules that allow them to achieve maximum yield. Some growers may also experiment with new types of seed or innovative growing methods.

What is the wage and hour division?

The Wage and Hour Division is responsible for administering a number of statutes that extend various protections to different types of agricultural workers.

What is the FLSA?

The Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA) contains Federal minimum wage, overtime, recordkeeping, and child labor requirements for covered agricultural employers.

What is field sanitation?

The Field Sanitation Provisions of the Occupational Safety and Health Act establish minimum standards for covered agricultural settings for toilets, potable drinking water, hand-washing facilities, and for providing information regarding good hygiene practices.

What is an H-2A visa?

The H-2A visa program establishes standards related to recruitment, wages, housing, transportation, and recordkeeping for employers of temporary non-immigrant agricultural workers admitted to the country under section 218 of the Immigration and Nationality Act.

What are the exemptions for FLSA?

Additional exemptions from the minimum wage and overtime provisions of the FLSA for agricultural employees apply to the following: 1 Agricultural employees who are immediate family members of their employer 2 Those principally engaged on the range in the production of livestock 3 Local hand harvest laborers who commute daily from their permanent residence, are paid on a piece rate basis in traditionally piece-rated occupations, and were engaged in agriculture less than thirteen weeks during the preceding calendar year 4 Non-local minors, 16 years of age or under, who are hand harvesters, paid on a piece rate basis in traditionally piece-rated occupations, employed on the same farm as their parent, and paid the same piece rate as those over 16.

What is a man day?

A ‘man day’ is defined as any day during which an employee performs agricultural work for at least one hour. Additional exemptions from the minimum wage and overtime provisions of the FLSA for agricultural employees apply to the following: Agricultural employees who are immediate family members of their employer.

How old are agricultural workers?

Agricultural workers in the United States have an average age of 38 years. 34 % are 45 years of age or older. 49 % are between 25 and 44. 11 % are between 20 and 24. 7% are between 14 and 19. The average level of completed education was 8th grade. 4 % had not completed any formal schooling.

What is the purpose of Title VII?

Title VII of The Civil Rights Act of 1964: Enacted in 1964, the basis of this act first included the prohibition of employment discrimination based on race, sex, color, national origin, and religion. Since 1964, the act has undergone many amendments, but Title VII is significant for farmworker women.

What is a health center?

[29] . Health centers are community-based and patient-directed organizations that serve populations with limited access to health care.

What is agricultural work?

Essentially, agricultural work refers to the processing, harvesting and production of crops and food products such as dairy and meat products. Many processes and applications occur within the agricultural industry that call for diverse roles.

What is the job of an agricultural equipment technician?

Primary duties: Agricultural equipment technicians work with farm equipment and machinery. These professionals work with modern and technological equipment that requires them to assemble, operate and maintain it, and they may also assist with equipment design projects.

What is the job of a water resource engineer?

Primary duties: A water resource engineer will develop and design new systems and equipment for water resource management facilities. These engineers implement systems that provide communities with a clean water supply and monitor and improve the equipment and these systems for optimum performance.

What is the job of a farm manager?

Primary duties: Farm managers are the professionals responsible for directing and overseeing the operations on a farm. These managers will delegate tasks like planting, fertilizing and harvesting crops among farm staff. In addition to labor tasks , farm managers will also manage budgets, purchase materials and interact and maintain relationships with vendors and clients.

What is the primary job of a water treatment specialist?

Primary duties: Water treatment specialists supervise and perform installations and monitor the operation of water purification and filtration equipment. They also manage water distribution and storage processes to ensure the safety and efficacy of drinking water and water resources.

What is the primary job of a grower?

Primary duties: A grower or farmer is an agricultural professional who is responsible for planting, raising, harvesting and distributing crops for consumption, animal food and medicines. Growers maintain farms and monitor crops to prevent disease and ensure optimum nutrition so they are safe for distribution.

What are the primary duties of a forester?

These professionals develop, plan and implement various projects that work to protect and maintain the environment, include monitoring wildlife habitats and agricultural effects on wildlife, suppressing wildfires and performing conservation tasks to protect wildlife, ecosystems and agricultural land.

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