What is ict in agriculture


What is the use of ICT in agriculture?

Information and Communication Technology (ICT) supports farmers by facilitating access to markets through real-time data on market prices, weather forecasts, information on pests, seed varieties and planting techniques.

What is the ICT meaning?

information and communications technologyICT (information and communications technology, or technologies)

What are the roles of ICT in agricultural extension?

ICTs play numerous key roles in extension service delivery such as: helping in expanding outreach to a large number of farmers; offering a solution to resource and capacity issues within the agricultural sector; improving information flow and connecting people within the rural areas; answering questions relating to …

What are the 4 types of ICT?

interactive potentials brought by emerg- ing ICT include the following: Based on their most common applications and most distinguished features, the new ICT tools discussed in this chapter are categorized into four types: (a) educational networking; (b) web-based learning; (c) mobile learning; and (d) classroom …

What are the benefits of ICT?

Advantages of ICTCost Effective. … Automation. … Bridging the cultural divide. … Creation of new jobs. … Educational resources for teachers. … Upgraded Classrooms. … ICT in education promotes student engagement and knowledge retention. … ICT promotes E-learning or online learning.

What are the roles of ICT in agricultural and rural development?

ICTs play also an important role in facilitating agricultural growth because they increase the efficiency of market interactions and provide access to real time information mainly by enhancing farmers’ access to markets and their pricing power through the use of trading platforms over the Internet through web/mobile …

How can farmers use ICT to improve productivity?

Farmers can use ICT to match cropping practices to climatic trends, use inputs and resources environmentally and sustainably, and cope with productivity threats. Public officials can adjust policies to reflect the data collected with ICT, predict food supplies, and target social programs or promote yield technologies.

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