What is meant by indigenous practices in agriculture


Indigenous farming is not just farming practiced by indigenous people. It is the product of indigenous cultures that are deeply connected to particular places. In the words of one indigenous farmer, Vena A-dae Romero, “indigenous people are as much part of the land as the land is part of us.Oct 7, 2015

What is meant by indigenous practices?

Practicing unique traditions, they retain social, cultural, economic and political characteristics that are distinct from those of the dominant societies in which they live.

What are some indigenous practices?

Some healing practices may include plant medicines, energy work, smudging with the four sacred medicines, brushing off with cedar boughs, spirit plates, prayers, sweats, ceremonies, stones, water, and other cultural teachings. For more information refer to VCH’s Aboriginal Traditional Medicines pamphlet.

What type of agriculture is Practised by the indigenous people?

Indigenous Americans practiced agroforestry, or the management of trees, crops, and animals together in a way that benefits all three. Silviculture, the management of tree growth and forest composition, was practiced in the prehistoric Eastern Woodlands and to foster wildlife populations and improve hunting.

Why is indigenous farming important?

Over the centuries, indigenous peoples have provided a series of ecological and cultural services to humankind. The preservation of traditional forms of farming knowledge and practices help maintain biodiversity, enhance food security, and protect the world’s natural resources.

How can you preserve indigenous practices?

Nine ways to support the rights of indigenous peopleFocus on the priorities. … Include indigenous people in discussions of land use. … Apply the law to ensure land rights are protected. … Build public awareness. … Recognise their role in conservation. … Bridge the gap between policy and practice.More items…•

What is indigenous source?

1 originating or occurring naturally (in a country, region, etc. ); native. 2 innate (to); inherent (in)

What are the two indigenous agricultural practices?

Intercropping. … Crop rotation. …

Did indigenous people do agriculture?

One of the most significant contributions that America’s Indigenous peoples have made is with respect to agriculture. Many of our most beloved foods (e.g. chocolate, potatoes, corn) are native to the Americas, being initially cultivated or domesticated by Indigenous farmers.

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