What is practical agriculture



What is the difference between agricultural education and practical agriculture?

This definition buttresses the meaning of practical agriculture which says that practical agriculture involves actual involvement in farming, while agricultural education is the acquisition of skills and knowledge and the dissemination of there skills/knowledge to the recipients.

What are the limitations of practical agriculture?

There is very insignificant support from the parents and the community. The study revealed that funds for practical agriculture are inadequate. Time allocated for the teaching and learning of practical agriculture is also inadequate. Materials that are used are also limited.

What is the role of practical agriculture teachers?

Martin and Odubiya (1991) reported that the primary role of practical agriculture teachers has always been to help students to learn knowledge and skills in agriculture.

Is practical agriculture being taught at the pre-tertiary level?

Statement of the Problem Though Agricultural Education has been a priority of the government, the teaching and learning of Practical Agriculture at pre-tertiary levels leaves much to be desired.


What are the three types of agricultural practices?

10.2: Agricultural PracticesShifting Cultivation.Pastoralism.Intensive Subsistence Agriculture.

What is farm practical?

One of such initiatives is Farm Practical Training (FPT). This is an attempt to improve the technical know-how of the nation’s university graduates of agriculture. Ogunbameru (1986) described this as internship or the process of gaining knowledge and practical skill through observation and by doing.

What are the 6 types of agriculture?

6 main types of commercial agriculture in MDCs:Mixed crop and livestock.Dairy farming.Grain farming.Livestock ranching.Mediterranean agriculture.Commercial gardening and fruit farming.

What are the four types of agricultural practices?

TYPES OF AGRICULTURAL PRACTICES IN THE LOCALITIESPastoral Farming.Arable Farming.Mixed Farming.Taungya Farming.Fish Farming.Livestock Farming.Shifting Cultivation.Land Rotation/Bush Fallowing.More items…

What is Farm practical year?

Farm Practical programme addresses the short comings in curricular of agricultural graduates enabling them to acquire knowledge and practical skills needed to become proficient in agriculture.

What are the 2 main types of agriculture?

Today, there are two divisions of agriculture, subsistence and commercial, which roughly correspond to the less developed and more developed regions.

What are the 2 main types of farming?

Depending upon the geographical conditions, demand of produce, labour and level of technology, farming can be classified into two main types. These are subsistence farming and commercial farming. This type of farming is practised to meet the needs of the farmer’s family.

What is the difference between agriculture and farming?

Agriculture is the broad term for everything that goes into growing crops and raising animals, to provide food and materials that people can use and enjoy. Farming, which involves cultivating the land and raising livestock, is one part of agriculture, which also includes plant science.

What are the 7 types of agricultural practices?

Soil preparation, sowing, manuring, irrigation, weeding, harvesting, and storage are the seven steps of agriculture practices.

What are the 7 agricultural practices?

Agriculture & Agricultural PracticesSoil preparation. Before raising a crop, the soil in which it is to be grown is prepared by ploughing, levelling, and manuring. … Sowing. Selection of seeds of good quality crop strains is the primary stage of sowing. … Manuring. … Irrigation. … Weeding. … Harvesting. … Storage.

What are five good agricultural practices?

Good agricultural practicesAnimal health. Animals that produce milk need to be healthy and an effective health care programme should be in place. … Milking hygiene. Milk should be harvested and stored under hygienic conditions. … Animal feeding and water. … Animal welfare. … Environment.

Practical agriculture, vocational education, and the school curriculum

AGRICULTURE was once the mainstay of the Nigerian economy. Before the discovery of oil, commercial farms blossomed and farming was seen and practised as the main occupation. The North had cotton, groundnuts and other products. The East had palm oil, while the Southwest had cocoa.

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What is practical agriculture?

Meaning of Practical Agriculture Practical agriculture involves actual involvement in farming activities while agricultural education is the acquisition of skills and knowledge in 9 fagricultural science with the view to imparting these knowledge and skills into prospective farmers for better productivity.

What is the difference between agricultural education and practical agriculture?

This definition buttresses the meaning of practical agriculture which says that practical agriculture involves actual involvement in farming, while agricultural education is the acquisition of skills and knowledge and the dissemination of there skills/knowledge to the recipients.

What are the tools used in agriculture?

Even medium and large scale farmers use the common tools like hoe, axe, cutlass etc since most farmers cannot afford mechanization aside the over reliance on rainfall instead of irrigation.

What is teaching method?

Teaching Methods, Strategies and Techniques Teaching methods can best be defined as the types of principles and methods used for instruction. There are many types of teaching methods, depending on what information or skill the teacher is trying to convey.

What is Agroecology?

You’ll find many books on agroecology being sold on the Internet. All of them have a common underlying theme: Teach readers sustainable farming practices. If you read any of these books, you will see that there are several practices that are currently being implemented by farmers all over the world.

How Practical is Agroecology?

The number of farmers implementing such sustainable farming practices is still small compared to the total number of farmers. But this is slowly changing with the help of organizations dedicated to agroecology.

How to find out more about Agroecology?

As we said earlier, there are many books on sustainable agro-ecology farming that you can read right now. Many of these resources are free, and so there is no excuse for you not to get started, unless if you are afraid of the unknown. But if you are ready, find a good book that will help you get started.


Agriculture has been our way of life for thousands of years, however, since farmers have become too profit-driven, it has lead to all sorts of problems, including non-productive soil from over farming one type of crop, among other problems. And there is the problem of pesticide-laced produce, leading to all sorts of health problems.

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What are the products of agriculture?

They are supplied as grams and other leguminous products obtained through agriculture. These products include beans, pulses like black gram, Bengal gram, green gram, etc. Other sources of protein, like meat, fish, and dairy, also rely on agriculture.

Why is agriculture important?

Agriculture is an important source of livelihood for people in most parts of the world. It involves laboriuous work, yet it contributes to food security and the health of the nation. Before the industrial revolution, agriculture was the primary source of economy. Despite many commercial options coming up, still many rely on agriculture …

What are some examples of medicinal principles?

These constitute some important medicinal principles. Examples include cardiac glycosides like digitalis for heart failure. Senna is a glycoside used for the treatment of constipation. Steroidal glycosides to produce steroid drugs.

What are some of the things that people in developing countries rely on for livelihood?

Many people from developing nations rely on agriculture for livelihood. Some people involved in other businesses or jobs still have agriculture as a side business. Agriculture does not limit to cultivation and farming alone. It also extends to dairy, poultry, fisheries,sericulture, beekeeping (honey insects), etc.

What are grapefruits used for?

They are digestible by kids, old age, and sick people. Grapefruits are also used for producing wine.

Why do governments invest in agriculture?

Hence, governments invest in economic agriculture plans. The aim is to cut input costs by natural farming methods and derive more profits.

Is farming profitable?

These are also dependent on agriculture cultivation in some or other way. Farming becomes more profitable when combined with these alternative methods.


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