What is record keeping in agriculture

Record-keeping refers to keeping, filing, categorizing and maintaining farm financial and production information. Record-keeping can be accomplished through a variety of methods, from a basic hand record-keeping method to an elaborate computerized system. Record analysis refers to evaluating farm records.Oct 7, 2019

Why is record keeping important?

Good recordkeeping helps you to conduct better business. Good recordkeeping can be your proof that you have made considered decisions and taken appropriate actions. Records become your protection if you are questioned or challenged. Without them, you are at risk.

What is record farming?

Recordkeeping in farming involves keeping production records such as milk volumes, an inventory of equipment and labour records. Many farmers avoid the task of recordkeeping as it can be time-consuming. However, it is a crucial task for becoming a better farmer.

What are record types?

“Record types let you offer different business processes, picklist values, and page layouts to different users. You might create record types to differentiate your regular sales deals from your professional services engagements, offering different picklist values for each.

What is purpose of farm record?

Reasons/Purposes of Farm Record Maintenance To record the yield of crops. To record the cost of various operations. To record all data of operations. To record the information on how much labor is employed and how they are distributed during the seasons.

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