What is strip cropping in agriculture


Strip cropping is the planting and growing of alternating strips of erosion- resistant crops with strips of erosion-prone annual crops. The strips are systematically arranged across a field as close to the contour as possible.

What are the strip cropping explain?

Definition of strip cropping : the growing of a cultivated crop (such as corn) in strips alternating with strips of a sod-forming crop (such as hay) arranged to follow an approximate contour of the land and minimize erosion.

What is strip cropping Class 10?

Strip cropping is a practice of growing field crops in narrow strips either at right angles to the direction of the prevailing wind , or following the natural contours of the terrain to prevent wind and water erosion of the soil.

What is strip cropping Ncert?

Strip Cropping: It refers to a kind of farming wherein areas are cut into long narrow strips which is then used to plant/grow crops.

What is strip cropping in Mcq?

Answer: Strip cropping is a method of cultivating crops to prevent soil erosion. In strip cropping different crops are grown on the same field in different strips or patches, usually alternatively. … In addition such crops can also be grown that adds certain nutrients to the soil.

What is strip cropping Toppr?

In plain areas, strip cropping can be used for soil conservation where strips of grass are allowed to stand between crops in large fields. These strips of grass reduce the force of wind and thus, prevent soil erosion.

What is contour ploughing and strip cropping?

(a) Contour Ploughing: It is the cultivation of soil according to contour lines, i.e., at the right angles to the hill slopes. (b) Strip Cropping: It is the cultivation of crops in strips to check the fast-blowing winds.

What is shelterbelt class 10th?

A shelterbelt is defined as a barrier of trees and shrubs that provides protection from wind and storm and decreases erosion. … Livestock shelterbelts protect livestock and livestock facilities, and can provide odor control. Roadside shelterbelts may be planted for snow control along roads, and for dust reduction.

What is meant by contour ploughing terrace farming and strip cropping?

In terracing, wide steps are cut around the slopes of hills to prevent soil erosion. Contour ploughing follows the “natural shape” of the slope without altering it. Terrace farming alters the shape of the slope to produce flat areas that provide a catchment for water.

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