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The commissioner of agriculture is a constitutional officer in the executive branch of government of the U.S. state of Florida that heads the Florida Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services (FDACS).

As a constitutional officer, the Commissioner of Agriculture is a member of the Council of State, which is headed by the Governor and constitutes the highest ranking body in the Executive Branch of State Government.


Who is the current Minister of Agriculture?

 · Understanding the Role of the Commissioner of Agriculture. The state commissioner of agriculture is responsible for more than just farming and food production for their state. They also oversee forestry, pest control, food safety, and even state agricultural events for their constituents.

Who is the current Commissioner of Agriculture in Florida?

Commissioner of Agriculture. The Office of the Commissioner of Agriculture is established by the North Carolina State Constitution. The Commissioner is elected by the people of the state in elections held every four years. As a constitutional officer, the Commissioner of Agriculture is a member of the Council of State, which is headed by the Governor and constitutes the highest …

Who is current Commissioner of Agriculture for TX?

The commissioner of agriculture is a constitutional officer in the executive branch of government of the U.S. state of Florida that heads the Florida Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services. Elected for a four-year mandate that is limited to two consecutive terms of office, the commissioner of agriculture is charged with supporting and regulating Florida’s agriculture …

What is an agricultural commissioner?

Agriculture Commissioner Sid Miller An eighth-generation farmer and rancher, Sid Miller is the 12th Commissioner of the Texas Department of Agriculture (TDA). He has devoted his life to promoting Texas agriculture, rural communities and the great state of Texas.


What is the duty of the Commissioner of Agriculture?

“Protecting Agriculture and the Environment” Each agricultural commissioner is charged with the protection of California agriculture, the protection of the environment as well as protection of the public’s health and safety.

What does the commissioner of agriculture do in Texas?

The agency’s key objectives are to promote production agriculture, consumer protection, economic development and healthy living. The agriculture commissioner oversees the agency and is elected every four years. The current commissioner, Sid Miller, was elected in 2014 and reelected in 2018.

Who is the commissioner of agriculture in MS?

Andy GipsonAndy Gipson serves as Mississippi’s eighth Commissioner of Agriculture and Commerce.

Who is AP agriculture commissioner?

Arun Kumar, IAS., Special Commissioner of Agriculture, A.P., Guntur – Placed on Full Additional Charge of the post of Chief Executive Officer, Rythu Sadhikara Samtha, Gannavaram – Orders – Issued.

Who appoints the commissioner of the Texas Department of Agriculture?

Who Appoints the Commissioner of Agriculture? In most states, including California and New York, the governor is in charge of appointing the commissioners of agriculture. In 12 states, including Florida, North Carolina, and Texas, the position is placed on the ballot every four years, similar to the presidential cycle.

Is there a livestock commissioner in Texas?

TAHC regulations are made and adopted by 13 governor-appointed commissioners who represent the general public and various livestock industries and professions.

What is agricultural commerce?

E-COMMERCE IN AGRICULTURE. Agri e-commerce – the buying and selling of agricultural produce online – can address notable challenges and inefficiencies in the agriculture supply chain by streamlining farmers’ access to the customer and creating new links between steps in the value chain.

What is MS gov MDAC?

Mississippi Department of Agriculture and Commerce – The mission of the Mississippi Department of Agriculture and Commerce is to regulate and promote agricultural-related businesses within the state and to promote Mississippi’s products throughout both the state and the rest of the world for the benefit of all …

What is Mississippi Agriculture?

Mississippi’s most valuable crops are cotton and soybean, ranked fourth and sixteenth respectively, in the nation in 2017. The state also grows substantial quantities of corn for grain, rice, and sweet potatoes. Most of the cropland can be found in the Mississippi Delta area of the state.

How many agriculture colleges are there in Andhra Pradesh?

There are nearly 20 agriculture & farm engineering colleges in Andhra Pradesh. All these colleges offer course on agriculture and farm engineering in full time mode and seven of them (37%) are private colleges.

How many farmers are there in Andhra Pradesh?

Of Andhra Pradesh’s total population, approximately 62% or 46 lakh families are dependent on the agriculture and allied sectors. The growth of the agriculture and allied sectors is expected to reflect in an upward economic mobility of these families.

How can I get my farmer ID in Andhra Pradesh?

Required Documents[edit]Application form.Photocopy of Voter Identity card.Photocopy of Bank Passbook (Front Page)Ration Card.Applicant passport size photograph.Land document or survey number.Certificate from Headman/applicable authority certifying that the farmer has agricultural land.


What is the position of agriculture commissioner?

In the state governments of the United States, all 50 states have the executive position of agriculture commissioner, director of agriculture, or secretary of agriculture. This official is in charge of the state’s agriculture department. The agriculture commissioners are organized at the national level by …

How many states have agriculture commissioners?

The agriculture commissioner is elected in 12 states: Alabama, Florida, Georgia, Iowa, Kentucky, Louisiana, Mississippi, North Carolina, North Dakota, South Carolina, and Texas. The powers and duties of the office vary …

What is the role of the state commissioner of agriculture?

The state commissioner of agriculture is responsible for more than just farming and food production for their state. They also oversee forestry, pest control, food safety, and even state agricultural events for their constituents.

When was the Georgia Department of Agriculture founded?

The oldest of these is the Georgia Department of Agriculture, founded in 1874, though it is not an agency of the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA).

When did Fred Swann advance to the Georgia Commissioner of Agriculture?

Fred Swann advanced from the Democratic primary for Georgia Commissioner of Agriculture on May 22, 2018.

How much does a state commissioner make in 2020?

In 2020, the commissioner received a salary of $121,557, according to the Council of State Governments.

What powers does the General Assembly have?

Except as otherwise provided in this Constitution, the General Assembly shall prescribe the powers, duties, compensation, and allowances of the above executive officers and provide assistance and expenses necessary for the operation of the department of each.

How are executive salaries determined in Georgia?

The salaries of elected executive officials in Georgia are determined by state law as mandated in the Georgia Constitution. Article V of the state constitution indicates that the Georgia State Legislature determines salaries for governor, lieutenant governor and “other elected executives.”

Who is the oldest Florida agriculture commissioner?

As of June 2021, there are four living former Florida commissioners of agriculture, the oldest being Bob Crawford (served 1991–2001, born 1948). The most recent commissioner of agriculture to die was Doyle Conner on December 16, 2012 (served 1961–1991, born 1928). Name. Term of office.

Who is the Florida commissioner?

The eleventh and current commissioner is Democrat Nikki Fried, who took office on January 8, 2019.

What was the Florida Commissioner of Lands and Immigration?

The commissioner of lands and immigration became the commissioner of agriculture when the Florida Constitution was revised in 1885. The newly renamed post also included supervision of state prisons until the Division of Corrections was established in 1957. The Agricultural Services Reorganization Act was passed in 1959 and took effect in 1961.

What was the agricultural services reorganization act?

The Agricultural Services Reorganization Act was passed in 1959 and took effect in 1961. It eliminated a number of independent bureaus and boards while transferring their duties and responsibilities to divisions under the commissioner of agriculture. The resulting divisions included administration, animal industry, chemistry, dairy industry, …

When was the Office of Consumer Services established?

The Office of Consumer Services was established by the legislature in 1967 under the purview of the commissioner of agriculture. Two years later, it was renamed the Division of Consumer Services under the Executive Reorganization Act of 1969.

What is FDACS department?

Although the department is largely referred to by the agriculture portion of name, the vast majority of FDACS is dedicated to consumer regulation and the protection of goods to market.

What is Texas Agriculture Matters?

Commissioner Miller has a weekly show on RFD-TV called Texas Agriculture Matters, that seeks to answer the question, “Why Does Texas Agriculture Matter?” From cattle to cotton and rodeos to rockets, Texas Agriculture Matters is a fun, informative look at the role of agriculture in our daily lives. Through feature segments, one-on-one interviews and eye-catching infographics, the show delivers equal doses of ag policy, local products, western heritage, and rural lifestyle.

What did Commissioner Miller do to the TDA?

Since taking office as Agriculture Commissioner, Commissioner Miller has brought real, common sense reform to TDA. Within six months in office, he eliminated a two-and-a-half-year backlog in organic certifications. He reshaped field operations to maximize efficiency for Texas taxpayers. This included increasing the number …

How many children does Commissioner Miller have?

He and his wife, Debra, have been married for going on 44 years. They have two sons, two daughters-in-law and five grandchildren. They are active members of the Cowboy Church of Erath County, where Commissioner Miller also serves as an elder.

Why did Commissioner Miller create the Office of Water?

To that end, he created TDA’s Office of Water to ensure all Texans have access to clean water for today and future generations.

What continents did Commissioner Miller visit?

Since taking office, Commissioner Miller’s passion to increase market exposure for Texas agriculture has led him and his staff to mount trade missions to Cuba, Ecuador, Argentina, Israel, China and every continent on the globe, except Antarctica.

What does the Republican candidate call the Commissioner of Dirty Jobs?

The Republican candidate for the seat calls it the “Commissioner of Dirty Jobs.” The Democratic candidate calls it the “People’s Commissioner.”

Who oversees the medical marijuana industry in Florida?

The agriculture commissioner oversees some aspects of the medical marijuana industry in Florida, including pesticides and food safety.

How many employees does the USDA have?

The U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) is made up of 29 agencies and offices with nearly 100,000 employees who serve the American people at more than 4,500 locations across the country and abroad. Our Secretary.

What did Abraham Lincoln call the USDA?

On May 15, 1862, President Abraham Lincoln signed legislation to establish the United States Department of Agriculture and two and a half years later in his final message to Congress, Lincoln called USDA “The People’s Department. “.


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Latest 2022 Commissioner of Agriculture polls

The chart below shows the historical percentage of voters who have pledged to vote for each candidate in the 2022 Georgia Commissioner of Agriculture election.

Current Officeholder

  • The current commissioner is Gary Black, a Republican, who was first elected on November 2, 2010, and took office on January 10, 2011. Black won re-election in 2014 and 2018. Before becoming commissioner, Black co-managed the Georgia Food Industry Partneship for 13 years. He has also served as president of the Georgia Agribusiness Council and as a f…

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  • The office of agriculture commissioner, though mentioned in the Georgia Constitution, is formally established in state law. Georgia Code, 33-2-1

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  • Per Article V, Section 3, Paragraph II of the Georgia Constitution, the commissioner of agriculture must, at the time of his election: 1. Have been a citizen of the U.S. for 10 years 2. A legal resident of Georgiafor four years 3. 25 years old Georgia Constitution, Article V, Section 3, Paragraph II

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  • The commissioner is elected “at the same time and hold[s] [his] office for the same term as the Governor.” Georgia Constitution, Article V, Section 3, Paragraph I

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  • If a vacancy occurs, the governor fills it, subject to confirmation by a majority vote of the Georgia Senate. Vacancy procedures are laid out in Article V, Section 2, Paragraph VIII of the Georgia Constitution.

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  • The commissioner manages the Georgia Department of Agriculture, which regulates and promotes the produce of Georgia’sagricultural industry. According to the department’s website, “the Georgia Department of Agriculture regulates, monitors, or assists with the following areas: grocery stores, convenience stores, food warehouses, bottling plants, food processing plants, pe…

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Historical Officeholders

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