What is the definition of slash and burn agriculture


What do you mean by slash and burn agriculture?

slash-and-burn agriculture, method of cultivation in which forests are burned and cleared for planting.

What do you mean by slash and burn agriculture Class 7?

Slash and burn is a method of farming that involves clearing land by destroying and burning all the trees and plants on it, farming there for a short time, and then moving on to clear a new piece of land.

What is slash and burn agriculture in Class 10?

Slash and burn agriculture:Slash-and-burn Agriculture is a type of farming that involves cutting and burning plants in a forest or woodland to produce a swidden field. Cutting down trees and woody plants in an area is the first step in the procedure.

What do you mean by slash and burn agriculture class 8?

Answer: Shifting cultivation is also known as Slash-and-burn cultivation. It is a type of farming activity which involves clearing of a land plot by cutting down trees and burning them. The ashes are then mixed with the soil and crops are grown. After the land has lost its fertility, it is abandoned.

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