What is the most productive agricultural area in italy


The most fertile area is the Po valley, where precipitation is fairly evenly distributed throughout the year, but mean rainfall decreases southward.


What was the key to Italy’s industrial boom after the 1950s?

What was the key to Italy’s industrial boom after the 1950s? -a secluded bay for protecting ships. -a volcanic mountain at its center. -support permanent residents.

Is Central Valley the richest soil in the world?

It comprises the largest area of the richest soil in the world. Most farmers don’t like the generic term Central Valley because it expunges the distinctiveness of the two valleys that grow more than 230 crops and one-third of the nation’s fruits and vegetables.

What is the history of Agriculture in the valley?

The agriculture of the valley today is a joint creation of 19th century Mexicans, Californios, and Chinese, as well as 20th-century African-Americans, Sikhs, and Okies—along with dozens of other ethnic groups, like Assyrians, Croatians, Volga Germans, Russian Molokans, Mien, Hmong, and my own family of Basques and Béarnais.


Which areas are best for agriculture in Italy?

In 2019, Sicily ranked first, with over 370 thousand hectares of land used for organic farming, followed by Apulia (266 thousand hectares) and Calabria (208 thousand hectares).

What is the most productive agricultural area in Italy the Alps the Apennines the Po Valley southern Italy?

Since drainage was improved in the Middle Ages, the valley has been Italy’s most productive agricultural area. Wheat and rice are important crops. The Po Valley is now an important center of commercial industry. About two thirds of Italy’s factory products are made there.

What is the most productive agricultural region in the world?

The San Joaquin ValleyThe San Joaquin Valley is the most productive agricultural region in the world, cultivating more than 250 crops.

What are some farming areas in Italy?

RegionsRegion19992007Piedmont1,533,894 ha (3,790,335 acres)1,403,893 ha (3,469,095 acres)Aosta Valley135,927 ha (335,883 acres)147,741 ha (365,076 acres)Lombardy1,392,331 ha (3,440,525 acres)1,258,471 ha (3,109,750 acres)Liguria184,884 ha (456,858 acres)135,065 ha (333,753 acres)17 more rows

Why is the Po Valley important to Italy?

THE PO RIVER VALLEY is the largest and most important economic region in ITALY. It is the center of most Italian industry as well as Italy’s agricultural heartland.

Why is the Po Valley so flat?

After the collapse of the Roman Empire (5th century AD), lack of maintenance of the irrigation systems associated with a cooling climate phase (i.e. the so-called Migration Period or The Dark Age Cold Period) led to the progressive waterlogging of the Po Valley and the natural depressions on the right side of the Po …

Which country has the highest agricultural production in Europe?

FranceFrance is the largest EU agri- cultural producer (23 percent of the value of EU-15 agricultural production), followed by Germany and Italy (both at about 15 percent), Spain (12 percent), United Kingdom (9 percent), and the Netherlands (7 percent).

Which country is No 1 in agriculture?

China is the top country by gross value of agricultural production in the world. As of 2018, gross value of agricultural production in China was 883,658,208 million US dollars that accounts for 24.97% of the world’s gross value of agricultural production.

Which country has best agriculture system?

India has the most arable land in the world followed by the United States, Russia, China and Brazil. India and the United States account for roughly 22% of the world’s arable land.

Is Italy good for agriculture?

Agriculture is one of Italy’s key economic sectors, accounting for approximately two percent of GDP. Italy is one of the largest agricultural producers in the EU. Italy’s agriculture is typical of the northern and southern division found within the EU.

What is the large area great for growing crops?

cropland. American an area of land used for growing crops. This can also be called croplands.

What does Italy produce the most?

Southern Italy largely produces citrus fruits and wheat, while the northern region produces dairy products, maize corn, fruits, meat, soybeans, rice, and sugar beets. Italy is the world’s largest producer of wine, including the popular Piedmontese Barolo, Frascati, Barbaresco, and Tuscan Chianti.


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What countries settled in San Joaquin Valley?

By the 1890s, settlers from Japan, Sweden, Italy, Norway, Portugal, Turkish Armenia, and other regions helped make the center of the San Joaquin Valley “one of the more cosmopolitan regions in the country,” says the scholar David Vaught. By 1900, farming colonies blurred into new settlements, “creating a vast, unbroken region of small farmers.”.

Why is San Joaquin Valley called the other California?

Nicknamed “The Other California” because its character is distinct from the state’s tourist and metropolitan haunts, the San Joaquin Valley joins the Sacramento Valley to stretch 450 miles through nearly three-fifths the length of the state. It comprises the largest area of the richest soil in the world.

Why don’t farmers like the term Central Valley?

Most farmers don’t like the generic term Central Valley because it expunges the distinctiveness of the two valleys that grow more than 230 crops and one-third of the nation’s fruits and vegetables. This expanse is also more populated than Oregon and larger than Rhode Island, Connecticut, and Massachusetts combined.

What caused the Valley fever epidemic?

With no federal or state surface water, farmers let millions of acres go unplanted, costing agriculture billions of dollars. Hot, dry winds stirred up fungus spores from the dirt, causing a silent epidemic of deadly valley fever, mostly among the poor.

What is the Central Valley Project?

So the federal government launched the Central Valley Project, joined later by the California State Water Project, building dams, reservoirs, aqueducts, canals, tunnels, and lateral ditches to send water up and down the state.

Where did my grandfather grow wheat?

That’s when my Béarnais-American grandfather grew wheat and barley as a tenant farmer along the San Joaquin River. After World War I, with the expansion of irrigation and the development of deep-well turbine pumps, he moved to the interior valley to plant a vineyard and cotton on his own forty acres.

Which region of California has the most agricultural land?

Here’s why the Central Valley has the most productive agricultural land and diverse communities. California’s San Joaquin Valley is often dismissed as small and rural. To the contrary, it’s a massive area of farms, ranches, small towns, and growing cities, emblematic of the American West as a blend of Old West values and New West technology.


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