What is the predominant type of indian agriculture


The correct answer is Subsistence agriculture. The predominant type of Indian agriculture is subsistence agriculture. In this, farmers grow food to feed themselves and their dependents.

What is the best agricultural business in India?

There are three basic things you can do with land:

  • If you want to wait for price appreciation, then it really depends on the location, the fertility of the land, future developments etc.
  • Safeguarding the property will also be a challenge. You will need to construct a boundary around your land, and regular physical checks are also advised.
  • If you are looking to rent it out,

How many types of agriculture are there in India?

  • Scale
  • Type of crop
  • Livestock combinations
  • Intensity
  • Means of distribution of farm produce
  • Level of mechanization

What type of farming is practiced in India?

Farming Practices in India: Top 3 Types. The following points will highlight the three types of farming practices that exist in India. They are: 1. Peasant Proprietorship 2. Tenant Farming 3. Co-Operative Farming. Type # 1. Peasant Proprietorship: In India, agriculture is more a means of live­lihood than a commercial proposition.

What are the major agricultural products in India?

Top Agricultural Products of India

  1. ] Rice. Rice is one of the most popular food grains in India. …
  2. ] Cotton. Cotton is also widely grown in our country. …
  3. ] Potato. Potato is considered a cash crop in India as it provides considerable income to the farmers. …
  4. ] Wheat. This is the second largest agricultural product in the country. …
  5. ] Jowar. …
  6. ] Jute. …
  7. ] Coffee. …
  8. ] Pulses. …
  9. ] Rubber. …
  10. ] Mango. …

What type of agriculture is most prominent?

intensive subsistence agricultureThe most abundant type of agriculture practiced around the world is intensive subsistence agriculture, which is highly dependent on animal power, and is commonly practiced in the humid, tropical regions of the world.

On what does Indian agriculture predominantly depend?

Indian agriculture largely depends on the monsoons. However, rainfalls in India are and unevenly distributed. This can cause and famine.

What are the main agriculture crops in India?

India is the world’s largest producer of milk, pulses and jute, and ranks as the second largest producer of rice, wheat, sugarcane, groundnut, vegetables, fruit and cotton. It is also one of the leading producers of spices, fish, poultry, livestock and plantation crops.

How many types of agriculture are there in India?

Overall, there are 9 different types of agriculture or farming in India. It depends on the availability of irrigational facilities, climatic conditions, and nature of land.

What are the types of agriculture?

Top 12 Types of AgricultureSubsistence Farming: … Intensive Subsistence Farming (with or without Rice as a dominant crop): … Mediterranean Farming: … Commercial Grain Agriculture: … Arable Farming: … Shifting Cultivation: … Nomadic Herding: … Rudimentary Sedentary Tillage:More items…•

Which is the most primitive type of farming practiced in India?

Primitive Subsistence Farming This type of farming is still practised in few pockets of India. Primitive subsistence agriculture is practised on small patches of land with the help of primitive tools like hoe, dao and digging sticks, and family/ community labour.

What is agriculture in Indian economy?

Agriculture plays a vital role in the Indian economy. Over 70 per cent of the rural households depend on agriculture. Agriculture is an important sector of Indian economy as it contributes about 17% to the total GDP and provides employment to around 58% of the population.

What is the highest production in Indian agriculture?

Uttar Pradesh Uttar Pradesh comes under the top farming state in India and the rank of Uttar Pradesh counted under major state wise crop production in India, bajra, rice, sugarcane, food grains, and many more.

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