What is the problem of agriculture in nigeria


How to make money from agriculture in Nigeria?


  • Provision of food; of course, we all know this one, this is the major purpose of agriculture; to feed the nation. …
  • Increase in GDP; Like I previously said, agriculture has contributed highly to the GDP of our economy. …
  • Provision of employment; agriculture as a whole agriculture has as created an employment opportunity for some people. …

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How to boost Nigerian economy through agriculture?

In this article, we will cover the following points:

  • how to improve Nigerian economy
  • how to develop nigeria economy
  • solution to nigeria economy
  • how can nigeria be developed
  • ways of financing economic development in nigeria
  • nigerian economy is in a comatose discuss the way out
  • explain any four factors that can speed up the economic development of your country

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What are the prospects of Agriculture in Nigeria?

Prospects. Despite the above-named challenges, the potential for growth of the agricultural and agribusiness sector is immense. The agribusiness sector provides employment for more than half of the workforce in Nigeria either directly or indirectly. This implies that agribusiness is capable of reducing the unemployment rate in the country.

What are the production management problems in Nigeria?

15 Problems Of Nigeria Manufacturing Sector And Possible Solutions 1. Lack of Sufficient Finance. For a manufacturing company finance is always an important part of surviving and… 2. Poor Maximizing of Productions. To effectively run a manufacturing business as you would for any other business …


What are the problems of agriculture in Nigeria?

Problems of agriculture in Nigeria. The first and common (but not known) problem of agriculture in Nigeria and Africa is…. 1. Ignorance; the Biggest Problem of the Agriculture in Nigeria. In northern Nigeria, there is an adage that says “ignorance is darker than the dark night”!

Is agriculture easy without technology?

Lack of technology is a problem, but the good news is that you can fix it.

Is there more to agriculture than you know?

There is more to agriculture than you know and think. The earlier you come to know that, the better. In Africa there are certain things which we do not take them too serious. Most of those things are things which we were born into them and so we grew up to know them as norms and values of our local communities.

What are the problems of agriculture in Nigeria?

But the sector suffers because of low output, and because of that , it is getting harder to feed the increasing population. Let’s outline its main problems:

Why is Nigerian agriculture organic?

In most cases, Nigerian agriculture products are organic because most farmers don’t use any chemicals to boost the harvest.

Why is it so hard to implement modern farming methods?

Education and modernization. The lack of mechanized equipment and illiteracy of most farmers is the reason why it is hard to implement modern farming methods. Many farmers still stick to archaic farm practices. Most problems of agricultural marketing in Nigeria are related to a poor level of education. Photo: akdn.org.

Why don’t youth want to stay in rural areas?

Youths don’t want to stay in rural areas because there is poor infrastructure and move to cities. Because of that, the agriculture in villages loses its workforce which reduces its outputs. Photo: disrupt-africa.com. READ ALSO: Economic importance of earthworm and vermiculture.

How much of the harvest is lost annually?

20-40% of the harvest is lost annually during the processing. Among the main problems we see the lack of proper storage facilities, because of that, the harvest is attacked by pests and the storage conditions themselves reduce the quality of the crops. Government policies.

Is there a low level of hybrid seedlings importation?

There is a low level of hybrid seedlings importation, and it is still not easy to get fertilizer subsidy. Today we see some government programs aimed to develop the agriculture sector, but in past years there were no qualitative programs to boost the sector.

Do agricultural research institutions work efficiently?

Unfortunately, agricultural research institutions in the country don’t work efficiently and effectively. All these institutions don’t have clear coordination or direction of work. Most of the researches end up on shelves and don’t help to change the current situation.

What are the problems of agriculture in Nigeria?

Problems Of Agriculture in Nigeria and probable solutions – The Agricultural Sector In Nigeria is undoubtedly the highest employer of labour, employing about 70percent of the Nigerian Labour force. The Nigerian Agricultural sector has also suffered low output which has led to the massive importation of food items to feed the ever-increasing populace.

What would ensure a turnaround of the nation’s agricultural sector?

A rapid implementation of viable solutions would ensure a turnaround of the nation’s agricultural sector.#N#Training of maintenance technicians would sustain the durability of mechanized farm tools.#N#Upgrading of the Agricultural Research Council of Nigeria to coordinate, supervise and implement agricultural breakthroughs to boost productivity on our farms.

What is the state of infrastructural decay in Nigeria?

POOR INFRASTRUCTURE: With the state of infrastructural decay present in all sectors of Nigeria, there has been the mass migration of able-bodied youths from rural areas where farming is largely practiced in urban areas. This has led to competition for scarce resources in urban areas while the rural areas languish in neglect. The old and feeble can only take up subsistence farming to take care of their immediate needs. Even in conditions where there is enough farm produce for sale, farmers still have to undertake the cost of transporting these goods via very bad roads to the urban areas for sale. Transportation is albeit slow and time consuming and some of the goods perish before reaching the point of sale.

Why do farmers put equipment aside?

It is important to note that even when some modern farming equipment is given to some farmers, they put them aside due to the inability to put the equipment to good use.

Can old people take up subsistence farming?

The old and feeble can only take up subsistence farming to take care of their immediate needs. Even in conditions where there is enough farm produce for sale, farmers still have to undertake the cost of transporting these goods via very bad roads to the urban areas for sale.

How many Nigerian farmers are considered small family farmers?

88% of Nigerian farmers are considered small family farmers. Some of this stems from the lack of funds to expand to large scale farming. Despite their importance for the domestic economy and due to the sector’s productivity limitations, more than 72 percent of Nigeria’s smallholders live below the poverty line of USD 1.9 (691) a day.

What should the Ministry of Agriculture provide farmers with?

The Ministry of Agriculture should provide farmers with modern tools such as tractors, plows, and irrigation tools. Cooling supplies for perishable goods can also be installed in trucks to keep perishable food products fresh. Incubators should also be acquired to enhance poultry farming. 2. Lack of Information:

Do farmers have accurate tracking?

Farmers do not have accurate tracking of farm activities and farm information. Information about the Nigerian farm market is not easily accessible and adequate information such as market prices are pertinent. This opens the door to adulteration of figures regarding farming in Nigeria.

What are the major problems in Nigeria?

1. Poverty. In today’s Nigeria, one of the Major Problems of Food Production is Poverty. On the other hand, one of the Simplest and a Doubtless Truth that you can easily Know about Nigeria is the fact that over 75% of Her Rural Dwellers are Full-time Farmers. Another Doubtless Truth that you can also Discover there is that Nigeria’s present …

Is Nigeria a blessed country?

Nigeria is One of the Most Highly Blessed Nations in Africa. That She has not been able to Solve, even Her Own Problems of Food and Agriculture is a Matter of Very Great Concerns. Anyhow, if you would like to be on the Full know of the Major Problems Of Food Production In Nigeria, then you have come to the Right Source.


Non-Implementation of Government Policies

Lack of Modernization and Mechanization



Lack of Funds

Poor Infrastructure/ Lack of Social Amenities

Absence of Modern Storage/Processing Facilities

Loss of Land to Natural Disaster

  • Among all other problems of agriculture, this is the most natural and devastating because there is little or no control over it. A natural disaster such as erosion is a threat to farmers in Nigeria because it destroys farmland and agricultural produce, it even renders the farmland useless for a period.

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Access to Land and Fertilizers

The Insecurity of Nigeria Farmers

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