What is the purpose of the agriculture committee


The House Committee on Agriculture has general jurisdiction over federal agriculture policy and oversight of some federal agencies, and it can recommend funding appropriations for various governmental agencies, programs, and activities, as defined by House rules.

Why is the agriculture nutrition and forestry committee Important?

Since its creation, the Committee has helped establish, guide, and examine agricultural policies here and abroad. It has had a hand in fashioning the research and teaching of the 1860’s, the price and income support controls of the 1930’s, and the international trade of the 1990’s.

What does the Natural Resources committee do?

The House Committee on Natural Resources advances the interests of the indigenous peoples and residents of the territories of the United States, and considers legislation and oversees federal conservation and species protection programs under the leadership of Chairman Raúl M. Grijalva.

What is the purpose of the energy and natural resources committee?

Jurisdiction of the Full Committee includes oversight and legislative responsibilities for: National Energy Policy, including international energy affairs and emergency preparedness; nuclear waste policy; privatization of federal assets; territorial policy (including changes in status and issues affecting Antarctica); …

What does the natural resources committee have jurisdiction over?

The Senate Energy and Natural Resources Committee and its subcommittees have jurisdiction over issues related to energy development; parks and public lands; water; and the territories.

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