what is the purpose of the california agricultural record book


This records whether an enterprise was financially successful, summarizing receipts and expenses. this document is completed prior to enterprise experiences, and is an estimate of receipts and expenses.


Why is the cover of a record book important?

The cover and first page are important parts of your Record Book for two reasons. First, it gives people their first indication of your records; and secondly, it gives vital information about you. The information on the cover and first page is important and must be accurate.

What is the purpose of Enterprise Accounts Receivable?

The purpose of the Enterprise Accounts Receivable is to record at the beginning and end of year any money owed to you as a result of your enterprise. Entries are only made in the beginning and end of the year. They are a summary of the money owed to you. After you complete the Enterprise Accounts Receivable, the totals are transferred to the Financial Statement.

What is a SAE in agriculture?

A Supervised Agricultural Experience Program (SAE) is a sequence of practical agricultural activities that occur outside of the classroom. These activities help develop competencies related to the agricultural career selected by you and are supervised by a qualified vocational agriculture teacher. An easier way to think of a SAE is to consider it a four-year program of practical out-of-class learning experiences related to your career goal. It will consist of some sort of enterprise or enterprises.

What is a calendar of events?

The Calendar of Events and Operations is a tool that helps you keep track of dates and activities that are important to you. The information you include in your calendar may be related to your enterprise, to school, or to your personal life. This is where you may write information that you want to remember that does not fit anywhere else in the Record Book. Examples of entries include such things as meetings, field days, athletic events, concerts, etc. It may be used in a variety of ways and your instructor can give you ideas about what should be recorded.

What is a business agreement?

The business agreement is a written record of what each party agrees to give and what they expect to receive in an enterprise. Anytime two or more parties agree to work together to accomplish something, there is a need for a business agreement. A properly drafted business agreement reduces the chance of misunderstandings between you and the people with whom you do business. The business agreement is a legal document. As such, it may have a greater effect on the success of your overall program than any other section of the record book.

How many hours of self-labor is required for a placement agreement?

This business agreement is to be used any time you work for someone else for pay or have Unpaid Placement enterprises that will be over 50 hours of self-labor. Placement enterprises are often referred to as “work experience.”

What is the purpose of budget?

The purpose of the Budget is to anticipate the cost factors of an enterprise, compare them to the potential receipts, and determine which enterprises have the best possible chance for financial success. Budgets are essential when going to the bank to borrow money.

What is the California State Archives?

The California State Archives houses records that document the broad scope of California government and its impact on the people of the state. The collection consists of textual records by the millions (in boxes and bound volumes) and graphic records by the thousands (maps, architectural drawings, photographs).

Is the California State Archives a public facility?

The California State Archives is a public research facility and we encourage you to come in person to do your research. If, however, you are unable to visit, Reference Services will perform a limited amount of research for you. We do not have the staffing available to do in-depth research or to look for a specific document within a record series.

When was the first legislature in California?

California’s first legislature, meeting in 1849–50, charged the Secretary of State to receive “…all public records, registered maps, books, papers, rolls, documents and other writings . . . which appertain to or are in any way connected with the political history and past administration of the government of California.”.

What is RMA in California?

The Records Management and Appraisal (RMA) unit is composed of the California State Records and Information Management Program (CalRIM) and the State Records Appraisal Program (SRAP). RMA assists State entities in achieving these efficient records management programs.

What time does the Archives Research Room open?

Research Room Hours. The Archives Research Room is open to the public Monday through Friday 9:30 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. and is closed on state holidays. Research Room Policies & Procedures.

1. California Pesticide Information Portal (CalPIP)

California Pesticide Information Portal – Generate customized information from DPR’s Pesticide Use Report Database#N#CalPIP is the most up-to-date source of Pesticide Use Reports data. It includes updates submitted after the Pesticide Use Annual Summary Reports.

2. Pesticide Use Annual Summary Reports

DPR staff prepare annual data summaries, indexed by chemical or by commodity. The summaries include analyses of pesticide use trends and are available from 1989 to present. (Note: In 1989, full use reporting requirements were not in effect.)

3. Pesticide Use Report Data

Download Pesticide Use Annual Summary Report data, by year, from DPR’s FTP site. Note that this data does not include any updates that may have occurred after the release of the Annual Summary Report. Zip files of data from 1970 through most recent available.

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