What is the relationship between agricultural and industrial revolution


The Agricultural Revolution of the 18th century paved the way for the Industrial Revolution in Britain. New farming techniques and improved livestock breeding led to amplified food production. This allowed a spike in population and increased health. The new farming techniques also led to an enclosure movement.Sep 22, 2021

What is the relationship between agricultural and industrial?

Agriculture and industries are interdependent i.e. they depend on each other. In other words, they both help each other and without one, the other cannot develop. Agriculture helps various industries by providing them raw materials, labour, a market for their goods and also food for workers in the industrial sector.

How does Industrial Revolution affect Agricultural Revolution?

Machines became widely used in farming, and consequently, farms required fewer workers. Large, technologically advanced farms replaced subsistence farms. The Industrial Revolution demonstrates an idea known as economies of scale. According to this principle, increased production of goods leads to increased efficiency.

Why did the Agricultural Revolution contribute to the Industrial Revolution?

How did the Agricultural Revolution lead to the Industrial Revolution? When farming methods improved, food supplies increased, and so did England’s population; this led to increased demand for goods. Small farmers lost their land to enclosed farms and became factory workers.

What is the difference between Agricultural Revolution and Industrial Revolution?

In the case of the Agricultural Revolution, that new technology was the agricultural knowledge combined with new tools, such as the plough. The Industrial Revolution was primarily driven by machines powered by external sources of energy other than humans or animals, such as the steam engine.

How did agriculture affect industrialization?

New technology, including chemicals and larger tractors, allowed farmers to work larger areas of land with less labor. Government policies encouraged farmers to scale up their operations. Farmers were also motivated by economies of scale—the economic advantage of producing larger numbers of products.

What is one way industrialization affected agriculture?

What is one way industrialization affected agriculture? It reduced the amount of labor needed to grow crops.

How did the Agricultural Revolution lead to the Industrial Revolution apex?

According to the question : The Agricultural Revolution contributed to start the Industrial Revolution because; Ans-: Option D = It allowed factory owners to relocate industries from cities to the countryside.

Which development is most associated with the Industrial Revolution?

The Industrial Revolution transformed economies that had been based on agriculture and handicrafts into economies based on large-scale industry, mechanized manufacturing, and the factory system. New machines, new power sources, and new ways of organizing work made existing industries more productive and efficient.

What was agriculture like before the Industrial Revolution?

Farming before the industrial revolution was traditional open-field farming which was based on subsistence farming. This meant that villagers would only produce enough food to satisfy the basic needs of the community which consisted of peasants or tenants of the landowner.

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