What is weed control in agriculture


The most important factor in overall weed control is to prevent weeds from developing seed and perpetuating the weed problem. Sources of weed introduction include weedy stock, weed seeds in the growing area or nearby, or plant propagules in manure, soil, uncomposted yardwaste, or other organic matter sources.

What is the meaning of weed management in agriculture?

It is the process of minimizing the weed population and their growth below the level of economic injury to the crop with minimum environmental pollution. Weeds can be managed by adopting any suitable method of weed control & if needed by combining two or more methods of weed control.

What are the method of weed control?

Such methods include pulling, digging, disking, plowing and mowing. Success of various mechanical control methods is dependent on the life cycle of the target weed species.

Why is weed control important?

Why is weed control important? Weeds can stunt the growth of other plants and just get in their way. It’s a good idea to use weed killers because if these weeds are left alone, weeds can battle with other plants for space, soil, water, and food.

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