What percentage of those jobs are in production agriculture


Agriculture and its related industries provide 10.3 percent of U.S. employment. In 2020, 19.7 million full- and part-time jobs were related to the agricultural and food sectors—10.3 percent of total U.S. employment.Feb 24, 2022


What percentage of jobs are related to agriculture?

Following direct farming activities are manufacturing jobs, e.g., rice milling or tortilla manufacturing, at 2.1 million jobs, or 9 percent, and then wholesale jobs at 942,000 jobs, or 4 percent of all direct food and agricultural jobs.

What is the average wage in the agricultural sector?

The overall mean hourly wage in the agricultural sector was $13.12, and the median wage (50th percentile) was $10.55, indicating half the workers in the sector earned wages below $10.55 and half earned more.

How much economic output is produced in the agricultural sector?

In countries with a GDP per capita over 15,000 int.-$, we see that less than 10% of economic output occurs in the agricultural sector. This visualisation shows the agriculture value added per worker versus gross domestic product (GDP) per capita (both measured in constant 2010 US$).

What are the biggest industries in the agricultural sector?

Crop production represented the largest slice of the nation’s agricultural sector at nearly 54 percent of the sector employment. And with employment over 175,000, the fruit and tree nut farming industry had the most employment within crop production.


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