Where to buy agricultural cornmeal

What is horticultural cornmeal?

Horticultural Cornmeal is used as a low nitrogen source plant food for flowers, gardens, trees, and lawns. It can also be used as an organic fungicide soil amendment. Soil Mender Horticultural Corn Meal is an organic product that helps fight root and soil related fungal problems.

Is cornmeal good for your garden?

Cornmeal works by providing and stimulating a beneficial fungus called trichoderma. All cornmeal will work, but whole ground works best because the bran and germ haven’t been removed. Much of the cornmeal at grocery stores is just the starchy inside of the corn kernel and not as effective for disease control.

Can cornmeal be used as fertilizer?

Corn gluten meal is a natural yard treatment that is derived from the part of the corn kernel that is not used when making corn meal. It is high in protein and nitrogen, which can make it a beneficial and natural lawn fertilizer, but corn gluten meal is more commonly used to control weeds.

Is cornmeal good for soil?

Cornmeal in any form serves as a soil amendment and mild natural fertilizer. It also has fungal disease control properties due to containing and stimulating a beneficial fungus called tricoderma.

Is cornmeal good for tomato plants?

0:231:09Using Whole Grain Corn Meal to Prevent Early Blight – Quick TipYouTubeStart of suggested clipEnd of suggested clipAnd what does like i said it prevents that early bite for your tomato. Plant you just take oneMoreAnd what does like i said it prevents that early bite for your tomato. Plant you just take one handful of the whole grain cornmeal put it on the base of your plate.

Does cornmeal attract bugs?

Yes! Cornmeal is a safe and natural way to destroy a colony of ants. Most ants are attracted to cornmeal, but their bodies are unable to digest it. This makes it a highly-effective pesticide that’s safe for household use.

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