Which phrase best describes the term precision agriculture



What do you mean by precision agriculture?

‘Precision Agriculture is a management strategy that gathers, processes and analyzes temporal, spatial and individual data and combines it with other information to support management decisions according to estimated variability for improved resource use efficiency, productivity, quality, profitability and …

What is precision agriculture quizlet?

Precision Agriculture definition. A management tool, that allows the agricultural system to be effectively managed to account for variability throughout a region, farm and even within a single field.

What is an example of precision agriculture?

Some examples of precision agriculture include drones, Global Positioning Systems (GPS) and irrigation technologies. The goal of precision agriculture is to learn new management practices to increase the profitability of agriculture production. “The core of my research assists farmers to maximize their profitability.

Why is precision agriculture?

Precision agriculture gives farmers the ability to more effectively use crop inputs including fertilizers, pesticides, tillage and irrigation water. More effective use of inputs means greater crop yield and(or) quality, without polluting the environment.

What was the primary cause of the decline in the number of farm workers after World War II?

One of the main causes of this consolidation of farms is specialization. Large farms are not simply replicas of smaller ones on a bigger scale. The economic realities that allow a farmer to grow also force him or her to change the operation. Large farms almost have to specialize in a few cash crops.

How is precision agriculture done?

Precision farming is practiced by adopting analytical software and the use of technical equipment. Rigorous data collection is done on soil testing, plot measurement, weather pattern analysis, and crop analysis through sensor-equipped devices placed on the fields.

Why is precision agriculture also called Site Specific agriculture?

Based on what are called “site-specific” methods, precision agriculture involves studying and managing variations within fields that can affect crop yield.It revolves around the idea that treating a large region as a uniform area is essentially wasteful and uses an excess of costly resources in the form of fertilizers, …

What is precision agriculture equipment?

Precision agriculture is a crop and livestock production management system that uses a global positioning system (GPS) to monitor equipment field position to collect information and apply inputs as required at each location.

Who uses precision agriculture?

Some 54% of farms in North Dakota said they use precision agriculture, followed closely by South Dakota (53%), Iowa (52%), Nebraska (51%), Illinois (48%), and Kansas (46%). The report did not specify which practices are being used. Iowa is the No.

Is precision agriculture sustainable?

Precision agriculture leverages technologies to enhance sustainability through more efficient use of land, water, fuel, fertilizer and pesticides. Essentially, farmers who use precision agriculture technologies use less to grow more, reducing both cost and environmental impact.

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