Who owns summit agricultural group


Bruce Rastetter. Mr. Rastetter is the founder and CEO of Summit Agricultural Group, a leading agribusiness and renewable energy firm with operations in North and South America.


Who owns summit AG?

The Graening family will maintain an ownership interest in GMT, with Jared Graening and Darcy Graening Knights continuing to operate the company. Jared Graening will serve as President and CEO. “On behalf of the Graening family we couldn’t be more excited to partner with Summit,” said Larry Graening, Founder of GMT.

Who bought GMT?

Summit Agricultural GroupIn 2019 GMT was acquired by Summit Agricultural Group, an investment partner which currently manages more than $600 million in assets in the United States and Brazil.

What does GMT corporation make?

GMT Corporation is one of the largest companies in the country who can do welding, fabrication, CNC machining, assembly, and inspection of large parts in-house. We have one of the largest coordinate measuring machines (CMM) in North America, so we can meet the precise needs of diverse heavy equipment industries.

What is Summit Agricultural Group?

With a working agricultural enterprise at its heart, Summit Agricultural Group places great value in the legacy of the American farmer. Our company is backed by years of hands-on experience and guided by a deep respect for the value of traditional agriculture. We combine this reverence for tradition with modern farming techniques to act as stewards to improve land quality, beauty and worth. In doing so, we greatly enhance the natural value of our agricultural operations.

What is Summit Ag Investors?

Summit Ag Investors is Summit Agricultural Group’s dedicated third-party asset arm that links our robust network of operators, ag-centric innovators and savvy investors, allowing us to effectively search out and capitalize on superior agricultural investment opportunities.

What is Summit Ag Management?

Summit Ag Management is Summit Agricultural Group’s full-service farm management and advisory unit that works directly with farm owners and operators to meet their goals by helping to determine, structure and facilitate their plans that increase long-term farm value and productivity .

What is Summit Farms?

Summit Farms is comprised of our row crop and livestock production divisions. Our team’s many years of experience and expertise in grain, beef and pork production have allowed Summit Farms to become a respected authority in efficient, modern agricultural production methods.

What is Summit Agricultural Group?

Summit Agricultural Group is a diversified agribusiness operator and investment manager with operations in the United States and Brazil. Summit deploys capital across the agricultural supply chain with a particular focus at the intersection of agriculture and renewable energy.

Where is Summit Carbon Solutions located?

Summit Carbon Solutions has partnered with a select group of leading biorefiners located in Iowa, Minnesota, South Dakota, and North Dakota to execute the first phase of the project, which will put them on the path of ultimately delivering a net-zero-carbon fuel.


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