Why agriculture is the backbone of our economy


Agriculture plays a crucial role in the life of an economy. It is the backbone of our economic system. Agriculture not only provides food and raw material but also employment opportunities to a very large proportion of population.

Agriculture creates economic security for our rural communities and has allowed hardworking Americans to secure a place in the middle class and to contribute to the growth of our overall economy.Mar 23, 2015


Is the agriculture sector the backbone of the economy?

“Yes, we are the backbone of the economy, but the government fails to develop the agriculture sector and favors more the landed elites,” said Antonio Flores, spokesperson of Kilusang Magbubukid ng Pilipinas. He said agricultural lands in the country are used to plant crops that are meant for export.

What is the importance of Agriculture in the economy?

Most countries have an economy that is dependent on agriculture – either in a small or big way. From employment generation to contribution to National Income, agriculture is important. In 2010, around 25 million persons were regularly engaged in agricultural work in the European Union. 58% men were working on full time in farms.

Why is there a high proportion of Agriculture in the country?

This high proportion in agriculture is due to the fact that the non-agricultural activities have not been developed to absorb the rapidly growing population. 2. Contribution to National Income: Agriculture is the premier source of our national income.

Why should the process of economic development begin for agricultural sector?

As a matter of fact, if the process of economic development is to be initiated and made self-sustaining, it must begin for agricultural sector. Role of Agriculture in Economic Development:


Why agriculture is the backbone of our country?

“Agriculture is the basic culture of India. Half of the country today depends on agriculture. Our villages not only produce foodgrains but they also inculcate values and principles. All governments should give priority to welfare of farmers and ensure remunerative prices.

Why agriculture is important in our economy?

Agriculture plays a major role in economic growth and development. As the provider of food it is a cornerstone of human existence. As a furnisher of industrial raw materials it is an important contributor to economic activity in other sectors of the economy.

Is agriculture the backbone of economic growth?

The agriculture sector is the backbone of an economy which provides the basic ingredients to mankind and now raw material for industrialisation.

How much does agriculture contribute to the economy?

$1.055 trillionWhat is agriculture’s share of the overall U.S. economy? Agriculture, food, and related industries contributed $1.055 trillion to the U.S. gross domestic product (GDP) in 2020, a 5.0-percent share. The output of America’s farms contributed $134.7 billion of this sum—about 0.6 percent of GDP.

Why is agriculture important in the Mediterranean?

The Importance of Agriculture For the Economy and The Specific Features of Mediterranean Agriculture. Most countries have an economy that is dependent on agriculture – either in a small or big way. From employment generation to contribution to National Income, agriculture is important.

What is the science of agriculture?

Modern agriculture includes forestry, bee keeping, fruit cultivation, poultry, and even dairy farming. Webster’s Dictionary says, “agriculture is the art or science of production of crops and livestock on farm. ”.

What are the main crops grown in the Mediterranean?

Features of Mediterranean Agriculture. Mediterranean agriculture is well known. From food crops production to cultivation of planted crops like olives, figs, and dates to farming of fruits and vegetables, Mediterranean agriculture has it all. Wheat is the most important crop grown in this region.

What are the two main sources of income for farmers?

Subsistence and cash crops farming is undertaken with extensive and intensive production. The two most important cash crops are olives and grapes, the major source of income through exports. Two-thirds of the world’s wine is produced in countries like Greece, Italy, Spain and France.

What does increasing population mean?

Increasing population means that there has to be an increased focus the primary sector. World Bank Report states that three out of four people in developing countries live in rural areas and earn as less as $2 a day. European Countries do not face a similar problem but innovation in agriculture remains a must.

What is the role of agriculture in the economy?

Agricultural sector plays a strategic role in the process of economic development of a country. It has already made a significant contribution to the economic prosperity of advanced countries and its role in the economic development of less developed countries is of vital importance. ADVERTISEMENTS: In other words, where per capita real income is …

Why is agriculture important?

Agriculture is the basic source of food supply of all the countries of the world—whether underdeveloped, developing or even developed. Due to heavy pressure of population in underdeveloped and developing countries and its rapid increase, the demand for food is increasing at a fast rate.

How does rural economy affect social welfare?

The rising agricultural surplus caused by increasing agricultural production and productivity tends to improve social welfare, particularly in rural areas. The living standard of rural masses rises and they start consuming nutritious diet including eggs, milk, ghee and fruits. They lead a comfortable life having all modern amenities—a better house, motor-cycle, radio, television and use of better clothes.

What is agriculture in India?

Agriculture provides employment opportunities for rural people on a large scale in underdeveloped and developing countries. It is an important source of livelihood. Generally, landless workers and marginal farmers are engaged in non-agricultural jobs like handicrafts, furniture, textiles, leather, metal work, processing industries, and in other service sectors. These rural units fulfill merely local demands. In India about 70.6% of total labour force depends upon agriculture.

What happens to agricultural production during a depression?

During depression, industrial production can be stopped or reduced but agricultural production continues as it produces basic necessities of life. Thus it continues to create effective demand even during adverse conditions of the economy.

What will happen to agriculture as a result of industrialization?

As a result of agricultural progress, there will be extension of market for industrial products. Increase in agricultural productivity leads to increase in the income of rural population which is turn leads to more demand for industrial products, thus development of industrial sector.

Why is agricultural advancement important?

Agricultural advancement is necessary for improving the supply of raw materials for the agro-based industries especially in developing countries. The shortage of agricultural goods has its impact upon on industrial production and a consequent increase in the general price level.

Why is agriculture important?

Importance of Agriculture. Agriculture plays a crucial role in the life of an economy. It is the backbone of our economic system. Agriculture not only provides food and raw material but also employment opportunities to a very large proportion of population.

What is the economic development of agriculture?

This means raising the level of the national income and standard of living of the common man. The rapid” rate of growth in agriculture sector gives progressive outlook and further motivation for development.

What percentage of the national income was agriculture in 1960?

According to National Income Committee and C.S.O., in 1960-61, 52 per cent of national income was contributed by agriculture and allied occupations. In 1976-77, this sector alone contributed 42.2 per cent while in 1981-82, its contribution was to the tune of 41.8 per cent.

What are the raw materials that are produced by agriculture?

Agriculture has been the source of raw materials to the leading industries like cotton and jute textiles, sugar, tobacco, edible and non-edible oils etc. All these depend directly on agriculture.

What is the development of agricultural sector?

As country develops more and more people are to be engaged in mining, manufacturing and other non- agricultural sector. All these people depend upon the food production which they can meet from the marketable surplus.

What is the main support for railways and roadways?

Agriculture is the main support for railways and roadways which transport bulk of agricultural produce from farm to the mandies and factories. Internal trade is mostly in agricultural products. Besides, the finance of the govt, also, to the large extent, depends upon the prosperity of agricultural sector.

What are the main exports of India?

It is the agricultural sector that feeds country’s trade. Agricultural products like tea, sugar, rice, tobacco, spices etc. constitute the main items of exports of India. If the development process of agriculture is smooth, export increases and imports are reduced considerably.


The agriculture sector is the backbone of an economy which provides the basic ingredients to mankind and now raw material for industrialisation. … If agriculture fails to meet the rising demand of food products, it is found to affect adversely the growth rate of the economy.


Agriculture plays a crucial role in the economy of developing countries, and provides the main source of food, income and employment to their rural populations. …

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What are the factors that affect agricultural production?

Agricultural production depends upon two factors, first productivity of the land and the second productivity of the agricultural laborite first improved a lot but not the second . There has been an increased Pressure on land and the marginal farmers still had to depend upon their old-methods of agriculture and upon the rain god.

What did the Good Harvests in the country improve?

Good harvests in the country improved the food production and the Planning Commission at the end of the First Five Year Plan observed that’ the increase in agricultural production had helped to end inflation, stabilize the economy and prepare the way for a higher rate of development during the Second Five Year Plan’. ADVERTISEMENTS:

What was the food shortage in India in 1955?

ADVERTISEMENTS: But in 1955, certain natural calamities like floods; drought and cyclone in some parts of the country like Rajasthan, Bihar, Orissa and Tamil Nadu created such a food shortage that India had to enter into an agreement with US known as the PL-480 agreement for the import of wheat and rice.

Who is directly involved in the production process?

Apart from those directly involved in the production process — the farmers — there are a number of others who also depend upon agriculture. Those engaged in agro-based industries, those who transport food grains, those who conduct their marketing, those who regulate the entire process right from production to distribution …

Is India a country of farmers?

India has ever remained and shall ever remain a country of the farmers. India lives in the villages; hence it is that the village uplift with the increase in agricultural production alone can solve India’s economic problems.

What is AgriOrbit magazine?

SOURCE. AgriOrbit is a product of Centurion-based agricultural magazine publisher Plaas Media. Plaas Media is an independent agricultural media house. It is the only South African agricultural media house to offer a true 360-degree media offering to role-players in agriculture.

Is agriculture the backbone of the economy?

GDP statistics: Agriculture is the economy’s backbone. The gross domestic product (GDP) statistics released by Stats SA has indicated a decline of 51% in the second quarter of 2020. This is the fourth consecutive quarter decline since the second quarter of 2019 catapulted South Africa’s economy into a recession.

Is agriculture a part of the South African economy?

“The agricultural industry is the only sector within the South African economy that succeeded in recording positive growth figures during the Covid-19 lockdown.


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