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Why did you choose agricultural?

We choose agriculture as a course “Because Agriculture matters to the future development”. Explanation: Increasingly, the world is counting on agriculture to produces more nutritious food for development and improve the livelihoods of a booming population, especially the poor.

Why did you choose agribusiness as your course Brainly?

Why did you choose to study agribusiness management? I chose the agribusiness management major because it was a good way to blend my agricultural interests with a formal business education, as well as learn practical knowledge that would help me specifically in the agriculture sector.

What’s it like to work in agriculture?

Working as a farmer has many potential benefits, including: Ability to work outside: Farmers spend most of their workday outside. They often wake early to feed animals, inspect crops and perform other agricultural duties. Farming can be a great profession for people who enjoy being outside.

What is BS agriculture course?

The Bachelor of Science in Agriculture (BSA) is a four-year degree program designed to provide students with the technical knowledge in crop raising, agricultural chemicals, fertilizers, integrated pest management, seed conditioning and technology and other areas related to production and quality control in the food …


Why is agriculture important?

Agriculture is the world’s most important industry. It provides us with all our food. It also supplies materials for two other basic needs, clothing and shelter. In addition, agriculture provides materials used in making many industrial products such as paints and medicines.

How does agriculture help us?

Agriculture helps us by bringing in millions of overseas dollars every year from beef, wool, sheep and many other products. The fact that we have such a good Agricultural system means that we can support ourselves, so we don’t have to rely on other countries.

What did the development of agriculture mean?

The development of agriculture meant that people could settle in the one place. People began to settle and develop their farms along river and creek banks and the first communities began. Farmers have very different lifestyles than city workers today.

How long ago did people start farming?

By about 10,000 years ago, they had mastered these skills and begun to depend chiefly on farming food. Until the development of agriculture, people were nomadic, wandering from place to place in search of food. The development of agriculture meant that people could settle in the one place.

Where did agriculture originate?

Agriculture is one of the world’s oldest industries. It began to develop about 11,000 years ago in the Middle East. At that time, certain Middle Eastern tribes discovered how to grow plants from seeds and how to raise animals in captivity.

What time does a farmer’s day start?

A farmer’s day often starts around 4:30 or 5:00 am if they have to get up early to milk cows or feed animals. A farmer’s life is also often controlled by the seasons and much more dependent on the weather. Although the life is hard, a lot of city people envy farmers and their outdoor work and closeness to nature.

What is the main export of agriculture?

The agriculture sector not only employees directly but also indirectly. Moreover, agriculture forms around 70% of our total exports. The main export items are tea, cotton, textiles, tobacco, sugar, jute products, spices, rice, and many other items.

Why do farmers in India use old methods?

Besides, in India, there are still some small farmers that use the old traditional methods of agriculture because they lack the resources to use modern methods. Furthermore, this is the only sector that contributed to the growth of not only itself but also of the other sector of the country.

Why is river water used for irrigation?

Also, the use of river water for irrigation causes many small rivers and ponds to dry off which disturb the natural habitat. Moreover, most of the chemical fertilizers and pesticides contaminate the land as well as water bodies nearby. Ultimately it leads to topsoil depletion and contamination of groundwater.

Is it wrong to say that the food we eat is the gift of agriculture activities and Indian farmers who work their

It is not wrong to say that the food we eat is the gift of agriculture activities and Indian farmers who work their sweat to provide us this food. In addition, the agricultural sector is one of the major contributors to Gross Domestic Product (GDP) and national income of the country.

Is agriculture good or bad?

Although agriculture is very beneficial for the economy and the people there are some negative impacts too. These impacts are harmful to both environments as the people involved in this sector.

What is an essay about agriculture?

Essay on Agriculture. Agriculture is a very common word which is used almost by everyone. When we talk about agriculture than the very first thing that strikes our brain is, it must be something that is related to farming and farmers. But this thought limits the aspects of agriculture.

What does “agriculture” mean in economics?

If we generally talk about agriculture then it means that agriculture is related to harvesting and cropping . But in economics the meaning of agriculture is little different, here it does not only mean harvesting or cropping instead it also includes animal husbandry, dairy farming, poultry, fishing, and forestry.

What is the study of agriculture called?

Ans. The study of agriculture is called Agricultural science.

How does agriculture depend on monsoons?

As we know that in India, agriculture depends upon the monsoon. Being dependent on the weather condition, area, and yield, the production of crops is liable to substantial variations from year to year in this way the production becomes unstable. In, land ownership, a piece of land is owned by a person.

What are the different types of agriculture?

Types of Agriculture. There are many types of agriculture; here we will see all the types point-wise and in details: Grain Farming. Grain farming is the process of planting a variety of crops which is later harvested at the end of the season. The seeds of the crops are later refined for use.

Why do we feel gratitude when we hear the word “agriculture”?

We feel gratitude when we hear the word “agriculture”. Without agriculture, it is not possible to feed ourselves. Our farmers work so hard in the agriculture sector to feed us. They also help to prevent future attacks on us or our neighbor country for food. Our farmers stand for us in any situation by giving food to the world.

What is the process of farming?

Definition. Agriculture is the process of practicing farming including cultivation of the soil for growing crops, rearing animals, and producing other products such as wool, oil, etc.

What is agriculture essay?

With an immense amount land, rich soils, and multiple climates agriculture is one of the most important economies in India. The word agriculture is defined as the science or practice of farming, including cultivation of the soil for the growing

Why is agriculture important in California?

California is a state that is known for multiple things, but one of the most important things is Agriculture. Therefore, it is a necessity to protect agriculture and allow it to continue to increase revenue for the state. To do this, we created our own agency to look after everything agricultural in our state. The California Department of Food and Agriculture ensures the safety and health of various food and crops for controlling the agricultural regularity of all farms and crop growing operations

How does agriculture help Zambia?

Zambia’s agriculture has the potential of enhancing economic growth and reducing poverty. Good agricultural policies and a well performing agricultural sector translates into significant improvements in the country’s Gross Domestic Product (GDP), employment generation , and broadens the country’s tax base since the livelihoods of the majority of Zambians depend on agricultural-related activities such as farming. The sector, if well developed, should contribute significantly to welfare improvement

Why is mass production important?

In order to meet consumers forever growing needs, land must be acquired in order to generate new farms for agriculture. Although the needs of consumers are being meet, the act of mass production of agricultural is contributing to the destruction of our planet . Consumers need to be aware of the repercussions of mass production on a global scale, in order to create

Why is agriculture important?

Food is a very important part of our societies, it is a basic need of every living thing, agriculture is particularly important because it is our main source of food supply.

Why was agriculture created?

Agriculture was created by these our early ancestors as the means of providing for themselves, the main thing they could not do as nomads.

How has science influenced agriculture?

Agriculture itself is a science, but science has influenced agriculture as much as agriculture has influenced science. Agriculture has provided materials and direction for many researchers, in turn researchers have discovered vital information about agriculture that have changed the scale and output of agriculture such as the invention …

What percentage of the world’s economy is dependent on agriculture?

Exporting/trading excess agricultural produce has been a crucial part of almost very economy in the world; today some developing nations depend on agriculture for over 50% of their annual revenue.

What is the agricultural industry?

The agricultural industry is a key one in the development of any nation, it is the central industry of every developing nation as history shows, and almost all the developed nations today grew on the back of a solid agricultural industry.

Is agriculture the basis of development?

For many nations agriculture has been the basis of development , it is the same today, every nation wishing to develop must develop a chain of inter dependent and sustainable industries, the agricultural industry is the back bone of them all. Home ››.

What are the reasons for the increase in population in agriculture?

1. The population is increasing. 2. There is a need for a “new” generation of agriculture. 3. Agriculture is more diverse now than ever before, offering a wide variety of jobs available. 4. There is a shortage of college graduates in agriculture. 5.

Is agriculture a multi-billion dollar industry?

An excerpt from the article reads, “While agriculture is a multi-billion dollar industry that directly affects everyone in the world each day, employers still struggle to find qualified candidates that are enthusiastic about the industry and need. According to the USDA, ‘between 2010 and 2015 there will be more jobs available in ag and food systems, renewable energy, and the environment than qualified graduates to fill them.’ With the industry booming but college students being left uninformed about the importance of agricultural careers, the numbers need to increase.”

Is agriculture a good career?

The article boasted that, “It is undeniable that the agriculture industry is one of the smartest career paths to take. Whether you are looking for a company that you fit in with, a competitive salary, or you want to make a difference, the agricultural sector has such a wide variety of jobs to choose from that it is easy to find what suits you best. It’s a growing field that needs new and talented employees to be ready to fill positions and be the next generation of agriculture .”

Growth and Development of The Agriculture Sector

India largely depends on the agriculture sector. Besides, agriculture is not just a mean of livelihood but a way of living life in India. Moreover, the government is continuously making efforts to develop this sector as the whole nation depends on it for food. For thousands of years, we are practicing agriculture but still, it remain…

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Significance of Agriculture

  • It is not wrong to say that the food we eat is the gift of agriculture activities and Indian farmers who work their sweat to provide us this food. In addition, the agricultural sector is one of the major contributors to Gross Domestic Product (GDP) and national income of the country. Also, it requires a large labor force and employees around 80% of the total employed people. The agricu…

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Negative Impacts of Agriculture

  • Although agriculture is very beneficial for the economy and the people there are some negative impacts too. These impacts are harmful to both environments as the people involved in this sector. Deforestation is the first negative impact of agriculture as many forests have been cut downed to turn them into agricultural land. Also, the use of river water for irrigation causes man…

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