Why is agricultural diversification essential for sustainable livelihood

When it comes to sustainable farming and well-being, it is essential that farmers adapt the need for crop diversification and focus on organic matter. This is because in today’s day and age, growing crops in a variety defines livelihood. You cannot ensure growth and sustainability on just one crop type so you need to emphasize crop rotation.


What is the importance of agricultural diversification?

The importance of agricultural diversification can be explained with the help of the following points: 1. A substantial portion of Indian farming is dependent on the vagaries of monsoon, making it a risky affair to rely upon solely.

What is livelihood diversification?

Livelihood diversification means farming households engaging in multiple agricultural and nonagricultural activities. Both agricultural and livelihood diversification are ways of managing climate risk.

Is diversifying farming activities a form of risk management?

Thus, diversifying farming activities by growing more crops and engaging in a wider variety of farming activities can be a form of risk management or general livelihood strategy for a majority of households.

How to increase the diversity of the agricultural base?

Therefore, it can be seen that increasing diversity of the agricultural base by developing under utilised crops or, indeed, totally new crops, allows the development of a completely integrated approach to agricultural.

Why is agricultural diversification is essential for sustainable livelihood?

Diversification is essential because there is greater risk in depending exclusively on farming for livelihood and to provide productive sustain able livelihood options to rural people.

What is meant by agricultural diversification?

Agricultural diversification involves shifting cropping pattern or promoting farm diversification via, animal husbandry, poultry and fisheries. From: Climate Risk Management, 2019.

What are the advantages of diversifying agriculture production?

Diversification also can provide habitat for beneficial insects and reduces pest numbers by rendering host crops less apparent for colonization by pests. Diversification increases economic stability by reducing financial risk, stabilizing farm income, and increasing choice of farm practices.

What are the two important aspects of diversification of agricultural activity explain?

There are two ways to achieve diversification. The first aspect refers to changing the cropping patterns which further means a change in the proportion of areas dedicated to the cultivation of various crops. The second aspect focuses on the shift of workforce to other related activities (poultry, husbandry etc.)

Which of the following helps in Agriculture Diversification?

Here, agricultural diversification is supported by a change in technology or consumer demand, trade or government policy, and by transportation, irrigation, and other developments of infrastructure.

What is agricultural diversification?

Agricultural diversification is one of the essential components of economic growth. It is the stage where traditional agriculture is transformed into a dynamic and commercial sector by shifting the traditional agricultural product mix to high standard products, which has a high potential in stimulating production rate.

Why is diversification important in rural areas?

For rural people, diversification, or focusing on associate activity, is important because it gives them an opportunity to earn extra income and overcome poverty.

What is the role of fisheries in India?

Fisheries – Aquaculture, or fisheries, is an important part of food production that provides economic security to the millions of people besides livelihood support. In India, the total fish production contribution from inland sources is about 64% and 36% from the marine sector (sea and oceans).

How much of India’s GDP is horticulture?

In India, the horticulture sector contributes 6% of GDP and one-third of the agricultural output. You Might Also Like To Read: Types of Rural Credit. Agricultural Sector during the Independence. Agriculture Development in India.

What is the purpose of animal husbandry?

Animal husbandry – Most of the farmers use the mixed crop-livestock system to increase their standards of living and income. Animal husbandry is an agricultural branch that deals with the practices of farming, breeding, and the care of farm animals like cattle, dogs, sheep, and horses.

Why do people seek employment in the non-farm sector?

Answer: People seek employment in the non-farm sector, as agriculture is already overcrowded and cannot offer additional employment.

What is the term for the plantations of the garden crop?

Horticulture – It is agriculture that deals with the plantations of the garden crop, especially that of vegetables, fruits, flowers, tuber crops, species, and ornamental or medicinal plants. These plants provide food and nutrition besides providing employment.

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